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Asian American Activism

Online to Print

How this page is organized:

First - materials that are either public or open access. That way if you cite them on Wikipedia, anyone can go and look at your source. 

Second - databases that we have a subscription to through the Library. 

Third - books and journals that we have available in print/online. 

If you find something great that isn't part of this guide, email me and I'll add it! 

If you find something great that the Library doesn't have, please please please, take a minute for one of these two options:

1. If it's something you need and you need it quickly, you can request it through InterLibrary Loan

  • It lets you borrow items from other libraries! 
  • You'll need to sign up for an account if you've never used it
  • They can get you a PDF of a article, book chapter, and more in 24-48 hours!
  • They'll also ship things to UVA for you - take a bit longer but a great option
  • And it's FREE!!!

2. If it's something you think should be part of our collection, ask us to buy it!!

  • Fill out the Purchase Recommendation form 
  • We'll contact you if we buy the item
  • AND we'll put it on reserve for you so you're the first person to check out out!
  • It does take a bit - typically 21+ days but don't hesitate to Recommend and ILL! One for you ASAP and one for the UVA community!

Getting Started








These are materials that are in our collections through Virgo. There will be books and e-books as well as online and print journals and newspapers!