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ARCH 7210: Structural Design for Dynamic Loads

ARCH 7210- Structural Design for Dynamic Loads

Before you start:

(1) Craft your research strategy.  Make a list of search words.

(2) Organize your research materials

  • Keep good records of your sources so you can cite them appropriately. 


VIRGO - The Library Catalog

Sample search: getty center
Sample search: "earthquake resistant design"
Sample search: "wind resistant design"

Google Books

Search the full text of many books to find out if there's a chapter or section about a building/architect you're researching.  Then, search VIRGO to see if UVa owns that book.



Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (Avery) 19th century-present.

HINT:  Use the "Advanced Search" and choose from the "Physical Description" options to find articles that include plans/sections/etc.



Indexes over 100 journals related to architecture, planning, landscape and sustainability - many of which are NOT indexed by Avery. Some articles provided in full-text.  Select any databases that might be related to your topic (General, Business, Green, etc.) to get the most results from your search.


Earthquake Engineering Abstracts Science and technology databases

Subject area: Engineering Specialties
Civil Engineering Abstracts and Earthquake Engineering Abstracts
Simple search: transamerica building and construction
Advanced Search: earthquake AND building design
Advanced Search: lateral load* AND (architecture OR building design)


Engineering Village 1987-present.  Includes National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Sample searches: Advanced Search: earthquake* and building
Advanced Search: dynamic load* and architectur*
san francisco and load* and construct*



On the Web

U.S. Geological Survey

Includes a great deal of information in the "Hazards" section


U.S. General Services Administration - Architecture & Engineering Portal

Includes a section on Seismic/Structural Engineering with many links to helpful resources (codes, standards, maps, etc.)


Earthquake Engineering Research University of California, Berkeley


MCEER - a national center of excellence dedicated to the discovery and development of new knowledge, tools and technologies that equip communities to become more disaster resilient