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Why should I use Library eBooks as Textbooks?


Major textbook companies prey on students both financially and by collecting their personal data. Companies like Pearson, McGraw Hill, and MacMillan are not only overpriced, but often refuse to sell libraries e-versions of their textbooks. Selecting library-owned eBooks is a great way to reduce your overall course cost for your students. Per Virginia law code § 23.1-1308, "[the university] shall identify conspicuously in the online course catalogue or registration system... each course for which the instructor exclusively uses no-cost course materials or low-cost course materials." Courses with this designation often see higher enrollment. A great way to have your course labelled as "no-cost" or "low-cost" in SIS is to use library-owned eBooks or work with your librarian to locate materials.


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Best Practices for Linking eBooks via Canvas


1. Link to the Library catalog record for your eBook.

EBook links can change, but the library catalog record link does not. Having your students access via the catalog record prompts the UVA log-in screen and ensures their access point is smooth to our platforms. The library catalog record will look like "".

2. Include the full citation.

If a student encounters an access issue they will often reach out to the Library. If we don't have a full citation for your eBook it can make locating the right edition for the student difficult.

3. Link to this guide or embed this guide as an i-frame into your course.

This guide contains tutorials and tips on how to use our platforms, download content, and take notes/highlight. Library eBooks don't work the same as Kindle or other personal e-reader books. This can confuse students and create frustration. Connect with your librarian or our Canvas Online Support team if you need help embedding this guide.