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eBook FAQs


                            Use this guide to access textbooks provided by the Library for the School of Education and Human Development. Textbooks are grouped by department, click on your department's tab to browse our digital shelves for your course textbooks. This guide features tutorials and tips on using our eBook platforms.


Do I need to set-up an account on your eBook platforms?

We recommend that you do this. Many of our eBook platforms offer the option for you to create a personalized account (this is in addition to the basic UVA access). Just like you can set-up your personal profile on Netflix to save your viewing progress, eBook platforms do the same. You can create customized eBook shelves, get reading suggestions, and save notes and highlights. The most commonly used eBook platforms are ProQuest Ebook Central, Taylor and Francis Online, and EBSCO.

It's saying my eBook is unavailable and to check back later. What does that mean?

Sometimes publishers sell libraries eBooks with user limits. Our eBooks fall into three categories: single-user (one person at a time), multi-user (three people at a time), or unlimited users (everyone! the whole School could access at the same time with no issues). If it's telling you the eBook is unavailable this means that there is a user limit and you need to wait until the other person logs out. We try to buy unlimited eBooks when possible, but it all depends on if the publisher is willing to sell us unlimited versions. Some of our courses use single-user eBooks, but not too worry, those eBook licenses allow individual chapter downloads.

Can I download my Library eBook as a PDF and keep it forever?

This depends on the individual eBook. Some publishers will let you download the entire book as a PDF easily. Others will limit you to a certain number of pages per day.

Can I take notes/highlight text/bookmark in Library eBooks?

Yes! You can do this in two ways. Most platforms offer a "Read Online" option. If you have a stable internet connection, this is the way to go. When you select "Read Online" you can add notes, highlight, and bookmark digitally on the platform to save to your account. If you prefer to do your reading offline and not connected to a browser, we recommend downloading individual chapters as PDFs. Depending on your PDF software you can take notes, highlight, etc. too.

Why is my textbook not on here? Will the Library buy my textbook?

We encourage our EHD instructors to assign Library-owned eBooks to help students save money, but not all will. Some textbook publishers like Pearson, McGraw Hill, and MacMillan refuse to sell eBooks to libraries.