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ORCID integrations with online tools

ORCID integrates with a variety of other research-related tools giving you essentially a single sign and enabling you to share information about your contributions throughout your research toolchain. Some popular tools that connect with ORCID include:

DataCite logo DataCite, a global non-profit organisation that provides persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research data and other research outputs.
Crossref, for searching the metadata of journal articles, books, standards, datasets & more
Overleaf, the collaborative LaTeX editor allows you to login with your ORCID ID and connect your ORCID record to your current account. Once your account is linked, your ORCID ID will be included when you submit work to participating publishers. 
MLA logo MLA International Bibliography, an essential tool for research in all aspects of modern languages and literature

integrating ORCID and SciENcv

Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is an electronic system that researchers can use to create and maintain biosketches that must be submitted with NIH and NSF grant applications and annual reports. SciENcv pulls information from other systems, including ORCID, which allows researchers to quickly create and recreate a biosketch for each grant application or annual report.

The following video will show how to link your ORCID profile in order to populate NIH/NSF biosketches.

This video tutorial covers:

  • What is ORCID? (0:48)
  • How to add data to ORCID (3:47)
  • How to connect ORCID with SciENcv for NIH Biosketch (13:03)
  • How to connect ORCID with SciENcv for NSF Biosketch (17:01)

  • By ORCID US Community, 20.58 minutes (posted Jun 15, 2020)