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French Studies

Provides annotated links to scholarly resources of particular interest to students & faculty researching at U.Va.


1. NEW COLLECTIONS acquired for French Studies: In Electronic Format

You need to be aware that the library, throughout the period of the pandemic, has made a sustained effort and a strong investment to acquire material in electronic format in perpetuity, especially in underrepresented areas of study. These tools are important for research and for teaching. So far, we have acquired more than 250 new products or databases for all fields of knowledge and counting. You can consult the entire list here.
For French Studies we recntly acquired these major collections in electronic format:

  • Classiques Garnier Numérique (see Tab above for more information) |
  • L'Harmathèque (see Tab abovefor more information) |
  • Le Monde Full text in pdf from from 1944-2000 |
  • Vente et Gestion (Vente et Gestion fournit un accès au texte intégral d'une grande variété de contenus relatifs au commerce et aux sujets associés, tirés des principales revues économiques et commerciales publiées en français. | Listes de titres:  Excel | HTML |
  • L'Enfer de la Bibliotheque Nationale de France | Gale Primary Sources: Archives of Sexuality and Gender|
    Provides access to one of the most-storied and sought-after private case collections in the world. The name alone invokes visions of damnation and moral ruin. L’Enfer (which translates as “Hell” or “Inferno”) refers to the shelf mark given to the collection which was created in the 1830s to protect and isolate works that were considered contrary to the morals of the time. As with other private cases, the entire collection was kept in a locked section of the library because of the erotic or pornographic character of the works as well as their rarity and value.
    It is made up of more than 2,400 printed works. Around 950 additional items come from an appendix to the printed books of l’Enfer called Flagellation. Between the 1880s and the 1930s, an editorial subgenre flourished in France: the “novel de flagellation,” a specialized branch of erotic literature. In this context, "passionate flogging" is a sexual perversion consisting of experiencing an erotic pleasure to be whipped. The Flagellation collection in this archive consists of literary works on spanking, caning, and whipping. Plus d'informations en français
  • 19th Century Collections Online: Religion, Reform, and Society This database examines the influence of both faith and skepticism on the shaping of many aspects of society, including politics, law, economics, and social and radical reform movements. Includes collections in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish, including manuscripts, monographs, periodicals, and photographs
  • European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century: French Colonialism in Africa, 1910-1930. As a part of the Gale Primary Sources: Archives Unbound,  this collection comprises correspondence, studies and reports, cables, maps, and other kinds of documents related to U.S. consular activities in Africa. Highlights include the beginning of an anti-colonial movement and problems along the Moroccan-Algerian border
  • French Mandate in the Lebanon, Christian-Muslim Relations, and the US Consulate at Beirut, 1919-1930 As a part of the Gale Primary Sources: Archives Unbound,  this collection consists of correspondence and telegrams received and sent by the American consular post in Beirut.
  • Records of the U.S. State Department: The French Colonies in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1945-1963: Internal and Foreign Affairs These files are the definitive source of American diplomatic reporting on political, military, social, and economic developments in French Africa, and contain various materials from U.S. diplomats.
  • Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Trans-Jordan: Records of the U.S. Department of State, 1836-1944 Part of Gale Primary Sources: Archives Unbound, this collection covers U.S. perspectives on Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Trans-Jordan, from Ottoman rule to the era of British and French mandates following the First World War.
  • Decolonization: The Politics of Independence in former Colonial Territories  brings together material from within former British colonies and Commonwealth nations, alongside some from former French and Portuguese territories, to provide valuable primary source material created for local audiences by local actors during a period of enormous global change.


2. NEW COLLECTIONS acquired for French Studies: In Print format

We have created an approval plan for Haiti Studies with a vendor working in Port-au-Prince. Thanks to this book plan the University of Virginia Library will secure to receive the most important titles published in Haiti. This plan will complement the regular material we acquire every year about Haiti published in France and Canada.


Classiques Garnier

      The firm Garnier Frères (Garnier Brothers) was founded in 1833 by Auguste and Hippolyte Garnier. In 1893 the firm launched its Classiques Garnier series of literary texts with its famous yellow covers and accompanied by a critical apparatus (notes, introductions, etc.) and sold at a modest price.
      In 2009, after a long history,  this firm has expanded its catalog under the editorial direction of Claude Blum.  Editions Classiques Garnier now include all aspects of literature and the humanities, publishing both editions of texts and studies and essays by top specialists in French literature, foreign literature, linguistics, history, art, music, law, economics and social sciences.
      Classiques Garnier publishes its titles in three formats and platforms: large, digital and paperback. Presently (August 2022) they offer a catalog with 4,217 titles in print (6695 books between hardcover and paperback) and 4,964 titles in eBook. The University of Virginia library has in the collection 1107 books in print 16 journals  and recently bought  945 eBooks (every titles published since 2018). Our commitment is to continue acquiring every year new titles to support the French Department curriculum.
      List of eBooks purchased by august 2022: 945 titles.   You can search Virgo to discover every title in electronic or in print from this publisher: 1,107 books in print 16 journals in Clemons, Browns fine Arts, Special Collections, Law , Music and Ivy Libraries and 1,080 in electronic format.
      Contact the librarian (or request using the Purchase form)  if you need a book from this publisher that we don't have in our collection


eBooks acquired from Classiqes Garnier by Collection


      University of Virginia has access to the French platform Harmathèque. This is an online multimedia portal which contains a substantial collection of digitized books, articles, videos, and audio recordings on many subjects in the humanities and social sciences. One notable subject area is Africana.The content of the ebooks comes from a variety of French publishing imprints, (48 in 2022)  including L’Harmattan, Académia EME éditions Fauves éditions Les Impliqués  éditeur, Indigo Côté Femme, etc  All books and journals should be available through Virgo
      The interface is in French, and divides the eBooks by subject into "browsable bouquets". The digitised books can then be read online using Adobe Flash and clicked through, page by page, or downloaded and read using the Adobe Digital Editions reader
     The university of Virginia library has access (August 2022) to 59,535 eBooks from 48 publishers; 23,370 articles published in journals and edited books, 1,032 videos and 559 audio files. All titles should be available through Virgo. Here you have all titles from: Editions L'Harmattan