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Reload Button @ UVA

What is the Reload@UVA button?

Note: While the Reload@UVA button still works, you may find that using the Libkey Nomad browser extension to be a much simpler and more powerful aid in carrying out research. Libkey Nomad allows you to access articles we do subscribe to, as well as to request articles in journals we aren't subscribed to, from anywhere, without having to turn on the VPN or proxy server yourself.

Doing research off-Grounds? Try out the Reload@UVA button! Add the button to your browser's bookmark toolbar (see instructions below), and whenever you come across a journal or article you think you should be able to access, click the button to reload the page through the UVA Library EZ Proxy.

The button is a bookmarklet, which contains javascript instructions to add the EZ Proxy to the URL for the page you are viewing, which lets the publisher know you are affiliated with UVA, and gets you access to the articles we subscribe to.

You'll be prompted to authenticate with Netbadge the first time you use it during a session.

The Reload@UVA Button in Action


When browsing a publisher's website, you will be asked to pay for an article if you aren't already on the UVA network or the VPN. Simply click on the Reload@UVA button after you've installed it in your browser's toolbar, and the page reloads (after you authenticate through Netbadge) with the EZ Proxy enabled: 

Unproxied article page showing Purchase PDF link and Reload@UVA bookmark in browser


You will see that you now have the option to download the PDF of the article from a UVA-subscribed journal:

Proxied article page showing Download PDF link after the Reload@UVA bookmark has been used



Using the Reload@UVA button on your computer


FirefoxGoogle ChromeMicrosoft EdgeSafari

For all browsers: Click and drag this Reload @ UVAimage to the bookmarks toolbar. If the bookmarks/favorites toolbar isn't open, press Shift + Ctrl + B (Windows) or Shift + ⌘(command) + B (Mac).


  1. You can avoid the need to use by Reload Button by installing the Libkey Nomad browser extension.
  2. A browser may warn you that the Reload@UVA link may be unsafe, but the link to the UVA EZ Proxy is safe, so you can go ahead and add it.
  3. Reloading the page through the proxy still won't give you access if it's a resource we don't subscribe to.
    • In some cases, we subscribe to certain articles through databases, so the publisher site will not allow access. In this case, you can use the LibKey Nomad browser plugin to find access to articles.
    • You can also verify access by looking up the journal or database.

Using the Reload @ UVA button on Mobile Devices


iOS Devices

In order to add the bookmarklet for Reload@UVA to your mobile device, you will need to copy the javascript code for the button into a bookmark. The instructions are a little more involved than for a desktop browser, but the process is fairly straightforward.

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device.
  2. Visit this page (the one you're currently viewing), and press the Share Arrow/button (to the right of the address bar).
  3. Select Add Bookmark and edit the name to something memorable, like "Reload@UVA"
  4. Save the Bookmark to your Favorites.
  5. Now, select and copy the text below:
  6. Now open up your bookmarks in Safari (press the open book to the left of the address bar) and find the bookmark you just created (Reload@UVA in your Favorites). Press and hold that bookmark, then select edit.
  7. Select the second line in the entry (the one with the address of the bookmark, which will be the address of this page).
  8. Press the x at the end of the entry to delete it, and simply paste in the javascript code from above.
  9. Press return to save the changes.

Now try the button out by tapping it. You'll be prompted to authenticate via Netbadge the first time you use it during a session.

Android Devices

The steps for adding a bookmarklet to an Android device are essentially the same as those given above for iOS. However, you cannot access the bookmarklet in the normal way you access bookmarks in Android (via "Select Bookmark").

In order to use the bookmarklet you have saved in Android:

  • Navigate to the desired webpage that you want to reload/proxy
  • Start typing the name of the bookmarklet (Reload @ UVA) into the address bar and then simply select it. This runs the bookmarklet on the current page, which turns on the proxy. Again, you will have to authenticate via Netbadge the first time you use it during a session.