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Model United Nations

I. Gather Background Information

II. Review Policy Statements

  • Find speeches in meetings of the principal organs of the UN
Search strategy:  use Access UN 
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Statements/speeches made and actions taken during meetings are recorded either as verbatim records (identified by the suffix "/PV." within the document symbol) or summary records (identified by the suffix "/SR." within the document symbol). A proces verbal (i.e., PV) is a full, first-person account of the proceedings of a meeting whereas a summary record (i.e., SR) is a third-person condensed version. Meetings of principal organs as well as those of selected subsidiary bodies are usually entitled to coverage as either verbatim or summary records, but not both. In those cases where a body is not entitled to meeting record coverage at all (e.g., Committee on Information), the press release is sometimes an alternate source of information on a particular meeting until such time as a summary of the discussions is issued as part of a sessional/annual report.
  • Find letters written by heads of state and foreign ministers to the Secretary-General
Search Strategy: use Access UN 
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III. Study the Texts of Resolutions Sponsored by the Country

Search strategy:  Use Acccess UN