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French - Microforms


TitleDescriptionHoldingsCall No.
Journaux ephemeres de la periode de la Revolution. A collection of more than 90 newspapers which appeared during the early years of the French Revolution. 7 reels & guide Micfilm S-368
Journaux ephemeres. A collection of 162 newspapers which were published in France during the 1848 revolution. 14 reels & guide Micfilm S-731
Le Figaro
Current issues - see Shannon Library, 3 East
Reels for 1854- 1973 Micfilm N-FR3
La Gazette de France 61 reels for years: 1631-1805 Micfilm N-FR5
Le Temps Reels for Apr.25, 1861-Nov.1942 Micfilm N-FR1
Le Monde.
Current issues - see Shannon Library, 3 East
Reels for 1944 - current
Micfilm N-FR2
Le Monde, Index analytique. Year by year print index available for 1944-51, 1958, 1965-1968, 1987 to current. See "Indexes & Guides" section. (AI21.M58) Periodicals Microforms Room.