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U.S. History - Microforms

U.S. History - Microforms

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TitleHoldingsCall No.
American Biographical Archive 1842 fiche Micfich 1641
American Federation of Labor and the Unions: National and International Union Records from the Samuel Gompers era. 5 reels Micfilm 1570
American Missionary Association. Archives
Correspondence from foreign and home missionaries and teachers makes up the bulk of this collection. The Amistad Case and opposition to the missionaries and to reconstruction policies are among the topics covered in this set.
261 reels
See reel guide from CRL.
Micfilm 72
American Papers of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
2500 letters and eight volumes of minutes (1679-1750) See description from the Lambeth Palace Library in Great Britain, which holds the orginal papers.
17 reels Micfilm 564
American Periodicals
More than 1,000 periodicals cover the period 1741 to 1900."
See also digitized version of this collection.

Micfilm S-10, Micfilm S-12 and Micfilm S-147


American Public Opinion Data Library has: 1983-1990, 556 fiche Micfich S-286
Americans for Democratic Action. Papers, 1932-1965.
" The 200,000 pages of ADA files contain records of campaigns on vital issues such as Vietnam, equal rights, disarmament, inflation and unemployment including correspondence with succeeding US Presidents and other major political figures"

142 Micfilm 1180
Boston Transcript Genealogy Columns
"Genealogy" columns from The Boston Transcript newspaper (June 1896-April 1941)
Micfich 364

Brook Farm Papers
see also information about Brook Farm from the National Park Service (PDF format)

Among the original shareholders and members were Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Charles A. Dana.

1 reel Micfilm 1259
CIO Files of John L. Lewis Library has: parts 1 and 2, 45 reels Micfilm 2252
Columbia University Oral History Collection Library has: parts 1-6, 1221 fiche Micfich 353
Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in Confederate Organizations 74 reels Micfilm 5648
Draper Manuscript Collection
"Based on the collection held by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, the history of the trans-Allegheny West, a territory including the entire Ohio River Valley, is documented -- from the mid-18th century to the War of 1812."

Series includes: Daniel Boone Papers; Draper’s Life of Boone; William Clark Papers; Thomas Forsyth Papers;John Cleves Symmes Papers;Tecumseh Papers;Frontier War Papers;Ilinois Manuscripts; Draper’s Notes.
133 reels
Note: Reel/contents cross-reference is located in front of title page of print guide. Arrangement:By collection. Example document number: 21CC50

[Volume 21, page 50 of the Kentucky Papers (CC)]

Micfilm 49

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TitleHoldingsCall No.

Early American Imprints
Series I, 1639-1800
See also digitized version of this set. Over 36,00 items in microfich.

See Evans, v.14, for author/title index to the entire Bibliography (located in Microforms Guides section, adjacent to the Gov't Info service desk)

Micfich 1077
Early American Imprints, Second Series, 1801-1819
See also digitized version of this set
Works listed in Ralph R. Shaw's American Bibliography (Shaw-Shoemaker numbers 1-50192). Micprnt 8
Early American History Research Reports
See publisher description
Library has: segment 1, 1-495, 495 fiche Micfich 2019
Early American Newspapers
See also digitized full-text, known as America’s Historical Newspapers: 1690-1922
NOTE: Titles in this collection have individual call numbers. Use VIRGO's Advanced Search to locate individual titles and call numbers.

To retrieve a list of all titles held at Alderman in microform, enter early american newspapers in the keyword box, and limit item type to microcard. Or, search by individual title in VIRGO.
Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 and related Indexes, in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 30 reels Micfilm 2227
Files of Walter W. Heller During His Term As Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, 1961-1964 49 reels Micfilm 5854
Great Northern Railway Company Papers. Library has: part 1 1862-1922, series A-C, 25 reels Micfilm 1611
Green Rising, 1910-1977: A supplement to the Southern Tenant Farmers Union Papers. 17 reels Micfilm 976
Hopedale Community Collection: Books, Pamphlets, Serials and Manuscripts. 1821-1938 6 reels Micfilm 914
Jeffersonian Americana
708 "scarce" titles from the Columbian period up to about 1835, including the Colonial, Revolutionary and Federal periods.
2000 cards

Author / title index for this collection is in Index to Microform Collections, Alderman Reference, Z1033.M5 I53 1984
Microcard 367
John F. Kennedy Presidential Oral History Collection
24 reels Micfilm 5900
John Foster Dulles Oral History Collection 13 reels Micfilm 5855

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TitleHoldingsCall No.
Map Room Files of President Roosevelt, 1939-1945.
Map room military subject files, 1941-1945.
27 reels Micfilm 5729
Map Room Files of President Roosevelt, 1939-1945
See online guides from publisher
11 reels Micfilm 5730
Map Room Files of President Roosevelt, 1939-1945
Map room Army and Navy messages, December 1941-May 1942. See online guide.
10 reels Micfilm 5731
Map Room Messages of President Truman, 1945-1946.
See online guide.
5 reels Micfilm 2243
Memos of the Special Assistant for National Security Affairs: McGeorge Bundy to President Johnson, 1963-1966. 4 reels Micfilm 2136
Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on American Indian Cultural Anthropology. Series 1-9 (nos 1-64) 33 reels Micfilm S-105
National Economy Under President Johnson: Administrative Histories 9 reels Micfilm 5907
New Deal Economic Policies 476 fiche Micfich 2527
Northern Pacific Railway Company, Papers, Pt.1, 1864-1922 25 reels Micfilm 1013
Official Conversations and Meetings of Dean Acheson, 1949-1953 . 5 reels Micfilm 2240
Oneida Community Books, Pamphlets and Serials. 15 reels Micfilm 911
Oneida Community Serials in the Syracuse University Library. 11 reels Micfilm S-29
OPERATION DIXIE: The C.I.O. Organizing Committee Papers, 1946-1953. 75 reels Micfilm 1571

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TitleHoldingsCall No.
Oral Histories of the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969 39 reels Micfilm 5908
Pamphlets in American History
See publisher description. Excellent print guides, organized by subject, are available. Ask for them at the service desk.
approx. 17500 fiche Micfich 557
Papers of the American Association for Labor Legislation 71 reels Micfilm 1640
Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 204 reels Micfilm 228
Papers of the Continental Congress, 1775-1789 (Including the Expenses of the Delegates) 4 reels Micfilm 561
Papers of the Federal Reserve System: Part 1: Legislation, Major Speeches and Essays and Special Reports, 1913-1960. 19 reels Micfilm 1484
Papers of the Federal Reserve System: Part 2: Minutes of Meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, 1923-1975. 32 reels Micfilm 1485
Papers of the NAACP
945 reels and guides with subject indexes. See also online guides.
Micfilm 1568
Papers of the Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy 24 reels Micfilm 1618
Plains and Rockies
Based on Wagner-Camp's The Plains and the Rockies ; a bibliography of original narratives of travel and adventure, 1800-1865.
429 cards Microcard 5
Political Activities of the Johnson White House, 1963-1969 67 reels Micfilm 5910

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TitleHoldingsCall No.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Office Files, 1933-1945
142 reels Micfilm 5728
President John F. Kennedy's Office Files, 1961-1963
103 reels Micfilm 5899
Public Statements by the Secretaries of Defense. Parts 1-5 (1947-1981) 71 reels Micfilm 1637
Records of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. Library has: part 2, reels 1-19 Micfilm 2254
Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution Through the Civil War.
Library has: series A-N. 
See pdf guides for Series A-N.

See also an important finding aid to the guides themselves:  A Genealogical index to the guides of the microfilm edition of Records of ante-bellum Southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War.  Indexes this set by state and by city and county, by plantation name and by surname of plantation owner.  
Micfilm 1705
Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Central Classified Files, 1907-1939

Library has Series C, Parts 1 and 2
See online guides.
Micfilm 7427
Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Meetings of the JCS 8 reels Micfilm 1752
Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Strategic Issues, Section 1 12 reels Micfilm 1750
Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Strategic Issues, Section 2 14 reels Micfilm 1751

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TitleHoldingsCall No.
Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. United States (1946-1953) 4 reels

Micfilm 1753

Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Part 1, 1942-1945: Meetings/Joint Chiefs of Staff. 7 reels Micfilm 245
Records of the Russian- American Company, 1802-1867 9 reels Micfilm 7463
Records of the States of the United States of America. approx. 600 reels Micfilm S-28
Records of the U.S. Department of Labor, 1961-1963 70 reels Micfilm 5847
Shaker Collection, 1792-1937. 32 reels Micfilm 981
Southern Historical Manuscripts: Plantation Records from the Department of Archives, Louisiana State University. 526 sheets Micfich 25
Southern Tenant Farmers' Union Papers 60 reels

Micfilm 286

Southern Women and their Families in the 19th Century: Papers and Diaries Series A-E
See online guides to this set.
Micfilm 5727
State Constitutional Conventions, from Independence to the Completion of the Present Union, 1776-1959. approx. 1200 fiche Micfich S-64
State Secession Debates, 1859-1862. 19 reels Micfilm 1368
Students for a Democratic Society Papers, 1958-1970. 41 reels Micfilm 980
Survey of Conditions of the Indians in the United States (1928-1943) 9 reels

First section of this resource is a reel guide to this set.

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TitleHoldingsCall No.
Travels in the Confederate States.
Based on titles listed in Coulter, E. M.; Travels in the confederate states; a bibliography, Alderman Reference, Call No. Ref. Z1251 .S7 C68 1948
Microcard 3
Travels in the New South, v.1-2
Based on titles listed in Clark T.D.; Travels in the new south, a bibliography, Alderman Reference, Call No. Z1251 .S7 C38 1962
Microcard 2
Travels in the Old South
Covers the period 1527-1860. Based on titles listed in: Clark, T. D. ; Travels in the Old South, a bibliography, Alderman Reference, Call No Z1251.S7 C4 1956
Microcard 4
Travels in the West and Southwest.
Covers political, cultural and economic life in this region from the "end of the Civil War to the 1920’s. Includes biographies of Indian sympathizers, trappers, mountain men and cowboys, and gives accounts of life in the vast region from St. Louis to San Francisco, and from San Diego north to British Columbia." See publisher's fiche guide, indexed alphabetically in one list by author/title (not searchable).
Micfich 22
President Harry S. Truman's Office Files, 1945-1953. Library has: parts 1-5, 90 reels Micfilm 5852
Harry S. Truman President Oral Histories Collection. 628 fiche Micfiche 2528
U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam, 1954-1975 . 21 reels

Micfilm 2132

U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations, 1912-1915: Records of the Division of Research and Investigation.... 16 reels Micfilm 1619
U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: Surveillance of Radicals in the United States, 1917-1941. 34 reels Micfilm 1736
Vietnam, the Media and Public Support for the War 11 reels Micfilm 1968
Virginia Colonial Records Project
Online index is here
964 reels Micfilm 7477
Virginia Historical Inventory. (United States. Works Progress Administration. Virginia) 29 reels Micfilm 2205
War on Poverty, 1964-1968: Selections from... the Lyndon Johnson Library, See online guide. 41 reels Micfilm 5909