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Virginia Federal Depository Library Offers Procedures

Documents Not Required to Offer

Centers of Excellence
With Virginia's migration to the ASERL Documents Disposition Database and procedures the general guidelines below still apply. However, Virginia libraries should be aware of the needs of the Centers of Excellence and consult either with a CoE directly or with the Regional Library if they have materials to discard in which the CoE might be interested. This includes both microfiche and superseded materials.

Titles published within the past Five Years
All depositories must retain materials they receive from the federal government for a minimum of five years unless they are on the superseded list (see below) or, in consultation with the Regional Librarian, the materials fit in the GPO guidance for superseding materials   and Best Practices for Superseding and Substituting.  Depositories may also substitute electronic versions for print titles they have retained for one year.  See GPO's guidance for "Substituting Online for Tangible Versions of Depository Publications by Selective" for more information.   Libraries wishing to do such "digital substitition" for a title  should consult with the Regional Librarian.

Superseded List Titles
GPO revamped its Superseded Guidelines in 2008 to allow depository librarians more discretion in superseding materials.  See GPO's guidance for superseding.  Except for those which are exempt, all publications must be retained for five years from the date of receipt. "Exempt" publications are those listed in the Superseded List: U.S. Documents That May Be Discarded by Depository Libraries, Annotated for Retention by Regional Depositories (Rev. 2002) [GP 3.2:Su 7].

Microfiche do not need to be listed on offers lists.  An overall description of the microfiche weeding project should be sent to the Regional Librarian, including information about issuing agencies, types of publications, and dates involved. For routine microfiche weeding, the Regional Librarian will grant immediate permission for disposal of the weeded fiche. However, if, in the judgment of the Regional Librarian, the weeded microfiche are of sufficient interest to other depository libraries within the region, the Regional Librarian may post notice of the proposed weeding project on govdoc-va or the Regional Offers Web page.  Such notice will include a reasonable waiting period for claims from other libraries.  The waiting period will be not less than a week nor more than a month before disposition of the microfiche will be allowed.