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Virginia Federal Depository Library Offers Procedures


 ASERL Documents Disposition Database - login required

ASERL Disposition Process
The Association of South Eastern Research Libraries have approved a collaborative disposition process for southeastern selective libraries.  This allows for more collaborative collection development among both regional and selective depositories in the SouthEast.   All Virginia  selective depositories use the ASERL database for offers.

ASERL Disposition information:

Offers Process
Offers are posted for a total of 45 days - 15 for UVA and CoEs, 15 for other regionals, 15 for ASERL selectives.  When your offers are cycled out of the ASERL database you will receive an email letting you know you can discard them.  Please see the "Disposition" tab of this guide for additional information on discarding documents. 

FDLP eXchange
 Additionally, Virginia depositories should offer materials that might be of wide-spread interest (older materials (75+ years old), topics of special interest, long runs of serials, Serial Set volumes, etc.) on  FDLP eXchange so that libraries around the U.S. have a chance to claim the materials.

General information on Depository Offers
Selective U.S. depository libraries served by a regional may withdraw depository publications which are no longer needed and which have been held for at least five years from the date of receipt.  (See exceptions on "Documents Not to Be Offered" page.)   
However, all withdrawal of depository publications by federal depository libraries in Virginia must be according to these guidelines and procedures. They are designed to ensure not only that all legal requirements are met, but also that valuable government information is not lost to the citizens of Virginia. They are based on the Instructions to Depository Libraries (Rev. August 2000), the Federal Depository Library Handbook (January 2008),  and Memorandum to Regional librarians dated 04/07/95 from Sheila M. McGarr, Chief, Depository Services, Library Program Services, U.S. Government Printing Office.

GPO's "Needs" List
Virginia depository libraries should consult GPO's Needs List when withdrawing materials.  Please contact GPO if you are offering something that GPO needs for digitization.  Consult the regional if you have questions about this.

Electronic Substitution
Withdrawing print documents in favor of online access may be done on a case-by-case basis.  If a library selects the print item number it must retain the print publication a minimum of one year.  Then, in consultation with the Regional Librarian, Trillian Hosticka,  the library may be able to withdraw the print if it provides access to the official online version.  See GPO guidelines for Substituting Online for Tangible Versions of Depository Publications by Selectives.    

When offering a title which your library is digitally substituting please include this information in the NOTES section of the offer listing.

 Core Collection
Libraries using the ASERL Database should continue to be aware of the Core Collection titles, CoE needs, large offers of long series, and other types of materials which other selectives, CoEs, or regional libraries might be in need. 

The Core Collection (Depository Library Handbook's Appendix A is considered necessary for a depository library.   Publications listed in Appendix A are considered a starting point for developing depository collections in small to medium public, academic, and law libraries.  Appendix A provides guidance for core collections, but is out of date and should only be considered as a starting point.  Individual librarians will use their judgement when making withdrawal and retention decisions.

Collection Development Policies
All federal depository libraries should have an up-to-date, written collection development policy which addresses the library's depository status. The policy should contain a description of the scope of the depository collection, including information about which items are selected and how long they are to be retained. It should also include a plan for regular weeding. These guidelines and procedures should be included with that plan.

Questions can be addressed to Trillian Hosticka at the University of Virginia Library.