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Getting Started: Welcome to the Library, A-Schoolers!

This guide is intended to introduce you to some of the services and resources offered by the LIbrary, as well as to offer some tips for taming the world of information and keeping on top of all the information out there.

Be Inspired

Charles Eames said:

"Design is a full time job. It is the way you look at politics, funny papers, listen to music, raise children..."

With so much work to be done on a daily basis, it's easy to become myopic. But, the library has resources that can help you to keep on top of world news, economics, arts, entertainment, and all of the other things that bring a spark of innovation to your research and design.  These are just a few...


BrowZine is a website and mobile app that allows you to browse, read and monitor a sampling of the library’s online journals from your iPad.  While it doesn't come close to including all our architecture and design titles, it can be a great way to give yourself a mobile browsing library to see what's going on in other fields or world news.  To get started, search for “BrowZine” in the App Store and download the app for free; when initially launching BrowZine, select University of Virginia from the drop down list.  Once you authenticate using your University computing ID and password, you will be ready to go.  For additional information, please read this review of BrowZine in The Chronicle of Higher Education or view this two-minute promotional video.

Watch a Film

From classic imaginings of the built environment in cinema like Metropolis to documentaries like My ArchitectI, we've got them.  But we also have an incredible collection of feature films and documentaries from all over the world that can open your mind to social issues, imagined worlds, textures, light... well, anything really. You can find DVDs as well as streaming titles in VIRGO, so ditch Netflix for a night and let the Library take you to the movies!