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Later American Architecture

What is it?

The Library Toolbar is an extension for Firefox and Chrome which allows you to search Virgo, access library information, and activate UVa's proxy server to access UVa Library resources without having to go through the Library's website.

Use It!

What can the Library Toolbar do? How do you do it? Example
Search Virgo via the toolbar Simply click the orange Rotunda to bring up a simple search box.  Additional boxes can be added for advanced search functionality.
Activate EZproxy on web links Simply right-click on the link and select "Follow link via UVa EZproxy"
Search highlighted words in Virgo, Journal Finder, or Google Scholar Simply highlight your desired text, right-click, and choose where you would like to search
Search Virgo for titles found in Amazon, NYT, etc. Simply click on the orange Rotunda next to the title.  On some pages, an ISBN number may also be presented as a link to search Virgo.

Install It!

The Library toolbar is currently compatible with Firefox and Chrome.  To install the toolbar, please select the version you want from the list to the right.

Please note that due to recent security changes to Chrome, the Library Toolbar must be installed manually.  Directions can be found here, or in the right-hand column.

About the Toolbar

The Library Toolbar is the University of Virginia's custom edition of the LibX toolbar.  LibX is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. The copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech. More information about LibX is available at