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America and the Dictators: Confronting Fascism on the Eve of WWII


Chronology and key events


March: Hitler announces German rearmament in defiance of Versailles

September: Nuremberg Race Laws passed

October: Italy invades Ethiopia; Abyssinian Crisis opens.


Feb: first National Negro Congress held; A Philip Randolph

March: Invasion/remilitarization of the Rhineland

May: Italy annexes Ethiopia

July: Spanish Civil War opens

August: Opening World Jewish Congress in Geneva. 8 August 1936.

August: Berlin Olympics

Nov: US presidential election; FDR re-elected; Mussolini announces Rome-Berlin Axis;
Japan joins Anti-Comintern Pact

Dec: Abraham Lincoln Brigade sails for Spain


Feb: Addis Ababa Massacre (of Ethiopians by Italians; 20,000 killed).

April: Guernica bombed by German Luftwaffe

July: Sino-Japanese war breaks out

August: Great Purge in USSR (700,000 eventually killed)

Oct: FDR quarantine speech

Dec: Nanking massacre


March: Anschluss

July: Evian Conference on Jewish refugees

Sept: Czech crisis and Munich agreement

Nov.: Kristallnacht; Italy promulgates racial laws


Jan-April: Nationalists win war in Spain; Franco takes power

March: Germany occupies rest of Czechoslovakia

June: St Louis is turned away from US ports

August: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Sept: German invasion of Poland; European war begins

Sept: US passes revised neutrality act


May: German invasion of Low Countries and France

June 10: FDR speech at UVA Memorial Gym denounces isolationism

June: Fall of France

June: Republican convention; nominates Willkie

July: FDR nominated by Dems for 3rd term

Sept: Destroyers for bases deal

Nov 1940: FDR re-elected

Dec 1940: arsenal of democracy speech