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ENWR 1510 Writing about Labor - Newspaper and Primary Source Research

This research guide is for students in Piers Gelly's Spring 2024 ENWR 1510 class..

The Cavalier Daily (UVA)

Historical Cavalier Daily 

Make sure to read the descriptions for each access option to understand what each option gives you access to and how to use it!

Online access options:

  • The Cavalier Daily site: search the online Cav Daily 2001-2024 using the search feature on their website. Note - when using date range to narrow results, it seems that adding day and month is necessary. 
  • Google News Archive: 1/15/1890 to 08/08/1996  (shows issue available for 1823, but on inspection issue is actually from 1923;  good coverage for 20th Century up to 1996)  - use search box to search for keyword and "cavalier daily"  - example - "cavalier daily" "living wage"  
  • NexisUni - this database has some Cavalier Daily coverage from 1997-2024, but only articles from the Cav Daily that also appeared on the University Wire service for college papers. In the search bar on the database site, type "cavalier daily" and [keyword] to search for articles from the newspaper. 
  • Access World News: 2011-2024 Some dates have spotty coverage. Search within time frame for terms of interest. Change the "Sort by" option on the left side of the page to "Best Match" instead of "Newest" for best results.

Print access options: 

  • Print copies of The Cavalier Daily can be found in the Shannon Reference collection on the east wing of the 4th floor of Shannon Library, in Special Collections, and in Ivy Stacks. See the Virgo catalog record for the print holdings. 

Images of historical copies of the Cavalier Daily are also available on microfilm. Ask a librarian if you want help in requesting microfilm from Ivy and using the microfilm readers in Clemons.  

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA)

Historical Daily Progress (local Charlottesville newspaper)

Make sure to read the descriptions for each access option to understand what each option gives you access to and how to use it!

Online access options: 

  • Access World News provides some coverage of The Daily Progress from 2008-2024 (a couple of issues from 2006 & 2007 also available). Change the "Sort by" option on the left side of the page to "Best Match" instead of "Newest" for best results.
  • Newspaper Source Plus includes coverage from December 2006 through October 2009. 


  • The Daily Progress is available on microfilm from 1892 to 2018. Talk to a librarian for help requesting microfilm and/or using the microfilm readers in Clemons Library. 

National Newspapers

UVA's Living Wage Campaign activities may have been discussed in national newspapers in addition to the local newspapers above and below. Also, you may want to look for similar campaigns, events, and activities at other universities.

Online access options:

  • New York Times: 1851-present. There is a 5 PDF download limit per day. Users must be On-Grounds or have their VPN turned on and then will have to create an account with NYTimes.

  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers: dates vary, but often extend into the 2000s. Searches historical editions of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune, Norfolk Journal and Guide, Pittsburgh Courier, NY Amsterdam News, Baltimore Afro-American, Washington Post, and The Guardian & The Observer.

  • Wall Street Journal: 1997-present. Access to, the WSJ App, and the WSJ Archives. Students will have access until their graduation date. You must create an account using your UVA email address.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA)

Historical Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Online access options: 

  • Access World News: 1903-2018 Full image. 2018-2024 Full image. Searching available, though somewhat tedious as results are named by page not by an article title. Change the "Sort by" option on the left side of the page to "Best Match" instead of "Newest" for best results.
  • America's Historical Newspapers: 1903-2018 Searchable. 

Other area historical newspapers of possible interest

Charlottesville-Albemarle Tribune 

An African American weekly newspaper that began in the 1950s, the Charlottesville-Albemarle Tribune (1956-1992) is available on microfilm or in print in Special Collections

Some physical copies of issues of its successor, The Tribune (1992-2011) are also available for use in Special Collections. 

Charlottesville Observer 

Another weekly local newspaper, the Charlottesville Observer (1978-1984) and its successors the Charlottesville Albemarle Observer (1984-1988) are available on microfilm. Physical copies of The Observer (1988-2004) are available in Special Collections. 

C-Ville Weekly 

The C-Ville Weekly website seems to provide full coverage back to 2002. You can also use Google to search for C-Ville Weekly articles

Physical copies of the C-Ville Weekly from 1996-2022 are held in Special Collections.  Copies of the C-Ville Review, the predecessor to C-Ville Weekly (1989-1994/96?) are also available in Special Collections. 

The Hook

The Hook was an alternative Charlottesville news source that ran from 2002-2013. You can access the full archive here, though it is not searchable.

The University Journal 

UVA had a second daily publication that ran from 1980-1996/97 - The University Journal. Some issues are available on microfilm and some physical copies are available for use in Special Collections. 

The Roanoke Times 

Online: Dates 03/04/1998 to 12/19/2013 are available online from Newspaper Source Plus. Before 1995 the newspaper was called the Roanoke Times & World News, which we have available online from 03/13/1990 to 04/30/2010 in Gale In Context: U.S. History (this includes after 1995 once the name changed to just Roanoke Times). We also have 1976-1996 available on microfilm.