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GSMS 4991: Welcome


Welcome to the GSMS 4991 library dashboard. This dashboard provides links to a selection of resources that will be helpful in conducting research. Whether you are online or on-Grounds, UVA Library services and support are available to all students. 

Your Librarian

Your Librarian is Erin Pappas

Each school/department at UVA is assigned a research librarian. Connect with Erin for help with your assignments. This service is available to all students. Meeting with a librarian early in your research process can help you save time and research more efficiently. 

Erin can help with: locating academic sources, brainstorming research topics, developing search strategies, capstone/thesis/dissertation planning, identifying relevant databases/journals for your research and literature reviews, and citation management. Meetings take place online via Zoom, but can also be arranged for in-person.


Search Virgo

Virgo is the Library catalog, where you can find books, articles, and more. 

Find and use data

Ask a Librarian

Search for academic articles

Academic databases contain peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, reviews, reports, and more.


These selected databases provide an entry point into core disciplines (anthropology, business and economics, education, politics, sociology) relevant to Middle East and South Asian Studies. 

Selected regional studies databases relevant to Middle East & South Asian Studies. 

All Middle East databases

All South Asian databases

Reference materials

Policy and NGOs