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Language and Literature - Microforms

Language and Literature - Microforms

Print guides available for most titles listed below.  Ask at Shannon Circulation Desk on the fourth floor.

Language and Literature - Microforms

Print guides available for most titles listed below.  Ask at Shannon Third Floor Service Desk.

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British and Continental Rhetoric and Elocution ,Micfilm S-236

TitleHoldingsCall No.
Early English Books, 1641-1700. (Wing, Short Title Catalogue, 1641-1700)

See also online version, Early English Books Onlin
2046 reels Micfilm S-9

Early English Newspapers
(1622 to 189- )

Based on collections of 17th and 18th Century newspapers of Dr. Charles Burney and John Nichols. Expanded to include 19th century papers as well.  See also the full-text database 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

Please note:
Long-run newspapers are on reels that are identified by the newspaper’s title. Shorter-run newspapers are grouped together. The print and online guides identify the reel on which a particular title may be found by the first title on the reel. (e.g. English Post. On Multiple-title reel: Englishman). Much of the 17th-century material and miscellaneous issues of numerous titles from other years are on 6 reels of microfilm, labeled A-F. The print and online guides indicate on which miscellaneous reel a title is located (e.g. English Gazette. On Miscellaneous Reel A)

Micfilm N-GB 9

For detailed reel guide, see GRAY LOOSELEAF BINDER labeled N-GB-9, in Microforms Guides Area.

An online guide with less specific reel/date information is here. From the Collection Title drop-down menu select Early English Newspapers. - Under Additional Search Options enter newspaper title in Item Title box. - Under Additional Search Options specify date range, if desired. - Scroll down to bottom of page and click Search.
Early Science Fiction Novels; A Microfiche Collection 382 fiche Micfich 1655
Eighteenth Century

Materials in all languages printed in England, and English language materials printed world-wide from 1701 to 1800.

Micfilm S-976

All titles are cataloged in VIRGO. Individual VIRGO records provide access to reel numbers through a link to the search screen of the full-text online version.

English Literary Periodicals Series
17th, 18th and 19th century literary, political, religious and women's publications.
Micfilm S-83
English Plays, 1641-1700 136 reels Micfilm S-115
Flugschriftensammlung Gustav Freytag: Vollstandige Wiedergabe der 6265 Flugschriften Aus dem 15 bis 17 Jahrhundert Sowie des Katalogs von Paul Hohenemser 746 fiche Micfich 1064
Flugschriften des frühen 16. Jahrhunderts (1501-1530)

Includes some 5000 broadsheets and pamphlets in German and Latin printed between 1501 and 1530.

1631 fiche Microfiche S-178

Note:Continued by

Flugschriften des späteren 16. Jahrhunderts, Microfiche 2443

Flugschriften des späteren 16. Jahrhunderts
Pamphlets in German and Latin that appeared in the German speaking parts of Europe between 1531 and 1600

4026 fiche

Microfiche 2443

Note: Fiche are shelved with indexes on Microforms Guides shelves
French Books Before 1601 140 reels Micfilm S-22
German and Austrian Drama  (Houghton Library) 113 reels Micfilm 1542
German Baroque Literature:
Republished works of the 17th century -- including Baroque Americana (early German translations of New England writers and American publications of German works of this period.)
611 reels, Micfilm 1710

Search online reel guide. From the Collection Title drop-down menu, select Harold Jantz Collection of German Baroque Literature. Under Additional Search Options enter search term and/or date range. Scroll down to bottom of page and click Search.
Gesamtverzeichnis des Deutschsprachigen Schrifttums, 1911-1965 400 fiche Micfich 1399
TitleHoldingsCall No.
Gothic Fiction: Rare Printed Works from the Sadleir-Black Collection of Gothic Fiction at the Shannon Library, University of Virginia. 134 reels Micfilm 7381

No separate index
Journal des Savants Library has: 1816-1962 Micfilm S-334
Journal Des Scavans (Jan. 1665 - Oct. 1797) 101 reels Micfilm S-333
Manuscripta; Microfilms of Rare and Out-of-Print Books Library has: list 5, 1-72 (12 reels); list 8, 1-71 (12 reels) Micfilm S-67
Microfiche Editions of Book Prospectuses in the Bodleian Library 27 fiche Micfich 2465
Microfilm Corpus of the Indexes to Printed Catalogues of Latin Manuscripts Before 1600 A.D. 39 reels Micfilm 1442
Nineteenth Century British and colonial literature on many subjects. Excluded : imaginative literature, periodicals, and textbooks. Library has: part 1, unit 1-36; part 3, unit 1-5; part 5, unit 1-6. Micfich 1810

Search online index and reel guide here. General and by topic search options available.
Prados Manuscripts (Emilio Prados) 11 reels Micfilm 1666
Records of the Worshipful Company of Stationers, 1554-1984
"... includes: the 19th century volumes of the Entry Book of Copies... ; the Company's grants and charters as well as their early bequest and pension lists; the only known set of folio printed livery lists and ...and biographical information of the printing and publishing community covering the period from the 16th century to 1920..."
115 reels, Micfilm 1604

See how to use print guide,
 located in the Microforms Guides section.
Repertoire Biobibliographique des Auteurs Latins, Patristiques et Medievaux 492 fiche Micfich 2006
Repertoire des Fins de Textes Latins Classiques et Medievaux 223 fiche Micfich 2005
TitleHoldingsCall No.
Spanish Rare Books of the Golden Age

Coverage: from medieval Latin works by Spanish authors to texts in Spanish of the 15-16th centuries. Many emblem books are included. This set is based on The Spanish Golden Age (1472-1700), A Catalog of Rare Books... by Joseph L. Laurenti and Alberto Porqueras-Mayo.  
Library has reels 1-204 Micfilm 1717
Le Théâtre de la Révolution et de L'Empire 167 fiche Micfich 358