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Mountain Lake Biological Station

A guide to UVA resources for researchers at MLBS.


Note: This guide for researchers located at the Mountain Lake Biological Station, is unique in that it assumes that you are located within a UVA IP range and therefore does not make use proxy links for databases. Undergraduate REU students working on site at MLBS have access to Library databases, but without needing to obtain a Netbadge certificate.


Guide Overview

Welcome to the Mountain Lake Biological Station Library Guide

Here you can find links to many different resources across UVA libraries to support you in your coursework and research endeavors.

In this guide you will be able to access the following pages using the navigation tabs:

  • The Mountain Lake Library Catalog
    • Search for books, journals, periodicals, and more in the Mountain Lake Library collection through a preset filter in Virgo
  • MLBS Research Publications
    • Searchable bibliographic collection of MLBS research publications through Zotero (a citation management tool)
  • Find Articles Using Databases
    • Links to specialty databases where you can search beyond the UVA library catalog for articles and other scholarly resources
  • Find Journals by Name
    • Our journal finder page where you can search for specific journals by name
  • Protocols and Methods
    • Links to recommended protocols and methods databases that are useful for conducting life science research
  • Additional Help
    • Tips for accessing dissertations
    • Tips for reading and analyzing scientific research articles
    • Tips for writing a literature review
    • Links to journals' table of contents which can help you keep up to date with research


Virgo - The UVA Library Catalog

The New Virgo

Summer 2020, we moved from Virgo 3 to Virgo 4. The new Virgo has a ton of new capabilities like materials tabs and the ability to customize your search preferences. 

If you have any questions about Virgo, feel free to use Ask-A-Librarian for support and help

And if you have feedback, we'd love to hear it! Get in touch with the Virgo Development Team using this form

**If you're reading this and going "I have no idea what Virgo is - I'M DOOMED!" that's okay! Virgo is the name of the UVA Library catalog. It's the giant search bar at the top of the Library's website and keeps track of everything we own in print and many of the things we have access to online. If you need a book, a journal, newspaper, tv show, whatever - you can always check to see if we already have it in the collection with Virgo. 


Virgo at MLBS

At MLBS you have access to all that UVA libraries have to offer, which you can search through Virgo as well as our database subscriptions. Through Virgo, you can also find the Mountain Lake Library catalog, a collection within UVA which contains many great resources and is more focused on MLBS research needs. You can search that collection through the "Mountain Lake Library Catalog" tab. 

New Virgo 2020 by Maggie