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Materials Science & Engineering

This Guide is in support of the research and teaching needs of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UVA

What is in this research guide?

Find Articles and Meeting Papers
  • Find articles in scholarly and/or peer-reviewed journals
  • Find articles in magazines, newspapers, and trade publications
  • Find papers from conferences and meetings
  • Register for and request articles and papers through Interlibrary Loan
Find Properties and Spectra
  • Find chemical and physical properties of compounds
  • Find specialty properties like spectra and phase diagrams

Find Technical Reports and Standards

  • Find technical reports from government agencies and professional organizations
  • Find standards from organization such as ASTM, ISO, IEEE, and others

Find Patents

  • Search for U.S. patents or international patents
  • Learn about patent classifications
Find Books and Dissertations
  • Search for print books or electronic books (e-books)
  • Find UVA Dissertations and Theses, as well as those from other institutions
  • Register for and request books and dissertations through Interlibrary Loan
Course Related Pages
  • See specific course guides created by instructor request

Whether you are new to UVA or simply new to using the UVA Library, whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member, here are some tips, tricks and resources to be aware of to make your experience easier and more efficient.

Practically Mandatory

Highly Recommended

  • Download and install ChemDraw using your email address to register (Note: this is a Chemistry Department license).
  • Manage your citation library and PDFs using bibliographic management software like EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, or others.  (Consult with your research group or contact a librarian for advice.)
  • Register for an ORCID

Optional, but Highly Useful

  • Research Data Services
    • Guidance on data tools and technologies like R, Python, Stata, SPSS, SAS, and more. Contact:
    • Support for data management and data sharing plans, guidance on selecting a data repository, and consulting on the preparation, documentation, organization and formatting of data for sharing and archiving. Contact:
    • Accessing and installing University site-licensed software, including SPSS, SAS, Ansys, Labview, Matlab and others. Contact: