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HIEU 1502: Nation and Identity in Modern Europe

Finding Books

Finding Scholarly Articles

Finding Primary Sources

British Documents on Foreign Affairs--Reports and Papers from the Foreign Office Confidential Print. Diplomatic dispatches and other papers that, went to the king, were sent to important embassies abroad, or were circulated to other major departments of government. As its name indicates, the Confidential Print was not available to the public because it included sensitive information. Series B, parts II and II, cover the Near and Middle East; series G, parts I and II, covers Africa, including Egypt. Held in Shannon Library.

Series A: Russian, 1859-1914.  6 vols. (ALD-STKS JX 632 .B74 1983).
Series B: Near and Middle East, 1856-1914.  6 vols.  Archive Editions, 1995.  (ALD-STKS JX 632 .B745 1984).
Series F: Europe, 1848-1914. 20vols.  (View Full Text from Hathi Trust).
Series G: Africa, 1848-1914.  25 vols.  (ALD-STKS JX 632 .B769 1995).