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Technical Reports

U.S. Technical Reports - Introduction

Technical reports describe research in scientific and technical fields and are typically produced for government, private industry and academic groups, which sponsor the research. The U.S. government is one of the largest sponsors of technical reports in the world.

Listed below are finding aids and full-text sources for technical reports from selected U.S. government agencies: the Dept. of Energy (DOE), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and multiple U.S. agency resources including NTIS and TRAIL.  As a federal depository library UVA receives many U.S. technical reports, but not all. You may request via Interlibrary Services reports not available at UVA.

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Dept. of Energy (DOE)

Created in 1977, the Department of Energy is involved in contracted research in all areas under its domain: nuclear and solar power, energy conservation, biomass and synthetic fuels and more.

Library holdings in microfiche
The library owns a collection of over 200,000 DOE microfiche, filed under the call numbers  ER 1.11:,  E 1.28 and E 1.99. Some of these reports are indexed in VIRGO, but most are not individually indexed in VIRGO. Fiche location: 3EAST Reading Room.
NOTE:  If you have a report number that looks like ERDA/JPL/954465 or CONF/76-82 or ALO/3727-77/1 it might have been cataloged under any of the Energy Department technical report stems (ER 1.11:, E 1.28, E 1.99:) and it might be in either paper or microfiche.  Best Bet - look all three (six - paper and fiche) places, regardless of what VIRGO says.
Index and full-text resources:

Defense Department

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA was created in 1970 from other agencies to consolidate the U.S. effort to fight air, land and water pollution. Most of what GIR owns is indexed in VIRGO. However many EPA reports are not distributed to UVA because the reports are sponsored by contactors outside the government. 

Index and full-text resources:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Created in 1958, NASA also produces technical reports on microfiche and in print. The reports are filed primarily under class number NAS 1.26 and NAS 1.15. The fiche and printed materials are held in off-site storage and can be requested through the online catalog, Virgo. Many, but not all NASA reports are indexed in VIRGO. The following list of major NASA report series codes and corresponding SuDoc call numbers may be helpful in searching for reports.

Contractor Reports (CR) NAS 1.26
Conference Publications (CP) NAS 1.55
Educational Publications (EP) NAS 1.19
Reference Publications (RP) NAS 1.61
Special Publications (SP) NAS 1.21
Technical Memorandums (TM) NAS 1.15
Technical Notes (TN) NAS 1.14
Technical Papers (TP) NAS 1.60
Technical Reports (TR) NAS 1.12

Online index and full-text resources:

Resources for searching across multiple U.S. agencies