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Teaching & Learning

Overview of services provided by the Teaching & Learning department with recommended resources and more.

The Teaching & Learning (T&L) team at the UVA Library cultivates an environment for continual learning and critical making practices.  We draw upon learners’ personal experiences, challenge everyone to think critically, and encourage learners to engage with novel, varied research practices and technologies. The T&L Team is passionate about effectively teaching scholars from diverse backgrounds and promoting life-long learning, creativity, growth, and development while collaborating with our colleagues to connect scholarship and practice.

The Teaching & Learning team leads the development and implementation of new approaches for teaching and learning, creates programs that enhance student learning and develop undergraduate information literacy and research capabilities, and supports teaching strategies and activities across the domains for scholars at all levels.

Teaching & Learning Staff

T&L is comprised of two groups who work closely together. The General Education group is made up of librarians who specialize in working with lower-level undergraduate students to teach research and information literacy skills and concepts. The Robertson Media Center (RMC) staff make up the other group, and they specialize in connecting all UVA community members with the equipment, skills, and space needed to create all kinds of media.

This guide will mostly focus on the General Education team (Meridith, Todd, Haley, Bethany, and Cecelia), but you can find out more about the RMC and all of the great things they do on their website.


What I Do

Meridith Wolnick

I direct the Teaching and Learning programs led by the Library for the general education curriculum and those within the Robertson Media Center. I focus on the development of undergraduate information literacy and research capabilities and support teaching strategies and activities across the domains for scholars at all skill levels. My expertise is in classroom instruction, assessment, and development of innovative pedagogy applied in the university classroom. 

Ask me about:

  • Classes in information and media literacy
  • AI in research and the classroom
  • Active learning
  • Educational technology
  • Assessment strategies

Photo of UVA librarian Todd Burks

Todd Burks

I teach information literacy skills to First Year students in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. In addition, I'm the contact for K-12 teachers bringing their students to learn about the UVA Library and college-level research. I also work with colleagues in the Robertson Media Center to introduce UVA students to our video, audio, 3D printing and virtual reality studios.

Ask me about:

  • Information literacy
  • Active learning
  • Library tours
  • Robertson Media Center studios

photo of smiling woman with brown hair

Haley Gillilan

I teach information literacy instructions for general education courses such as COLA 1500 and English Writing. I also coordinate outreach to undergraduate students, provide reference services, and create cross-programming with student services across campus, such as Orientation, Multicultural Student Center, Housing and Residence Life, and more.

Ask me about:

  • Information literacy instruction 
  • Outreach events and cross-programming 
  • OER 
  • Library Student Council

Request an outreach event at this link.

Robert Holden

I manage the day to day operations of the spaces and resources across the 3rd floor of Clemons.  I manage our student employee, Digital Media Consultants, spaces, equipment, computers, and ensure that everything is kept in operating condition.  I also consult with faculty to create workshops for their courses involving video and audio production software and hardware.  While I am a great resource for everything we offer, feel especially free to speak to me about:
  • Multimedia Creation
  • Software & Equipment Instruction
  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Podcasting
  • Legacy Media Conversion

Photo of smiling woman with red hair

Bethany Mickel

Make an appointment with Bethany

My work involves information instruction both within and outside the Teaching & Learning team.  I work to leverage sound instructional design and UDL principles in the development of instructional materials and learning objects for use in both synchronous, asynchronous, and hyflex settings.  My research interests include the intersectionality of information and media literacy as well as project-based learning as a means of assessment in higher education.

Ask me about:

  • Instructional Design
  • Online Instruction (Asynchronous, Synchronous, Hybrid, HyFlex)
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Motivational Design 
  • Community of Inquiry Framed/Active Learning Instruction
  • Information Literacy Framed Syllabus Design 
  • Intersectionality of Information & Media Literacy
  • Educational Technology

Photo of smiling woman with brown hair in a bun

Cecelia Parks

Make an appointment with Cecelia

I coordinate Teaching & Learning instruction and liaise with general education programs, including COLA 1500, Writing & Rhetoric, and Engagements courses. In addition to teaching and working with a number of classes in each program, I also lead T&L assessment efforts. 

Ask me about:

  • Information literacy instruction
  • Assessment
  • Course and assignment design
  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Privacy and data literacy

Photo of a smiling man with glasses and red hair and a beard

Josh Thorud

Make an appointment with Josh

I design and teach audio/video and digital art instructional sessions, including software, equipment, media literacy, and digital storytelling, as well as consult with instructors about course design for media. I also create instructional materials such as video tutorials and step-by-step handouts on technical and content-related topics.

Ask me about:

  • Audio and video production
  • Instruction for software and equipment
  • Course and assignment design for media
  • Media literacy
  • Course Enrichment Grants