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African American Resources in Microfilm at UVA Library

African American Newspapers in Microfilm at UVA Library


Alabama |   California  |   District of Columbia  |  Georgia |  Illinois |  Indiana    Kentucky |  Maryland  |  Michigan |  Missouri  |  New Jersey  |   New York | Ohio  |  Pennsylvania  | South Carolina |  Texas  | Virginia | Wisconsin

StateTitleHoldingsMicrofilm Call No.
Alabama Birmingham World 1971-1996 ALA-3
California Los Angeles Sentinel 1971-1985, 1987-1989 CALIF-1
California Pacific Appeal (San Francisco) 1862:April-1880 CALIF-4
California Black Panther 1968:March-1980:Sept. S-1083
District of Columbia Washington Afro-American and Washington Tribune (print subscription cancelled in 2003) 1936-2003
some gaps--see VIRGO
District of Columbia National Era Jan. 1847-Mar. 1860 Micfilm S-10 reel 899-903. Ivy Annex
See also electronic holdings 1847-1860
Georgia Atlanta Voice 1971-1996 GA-17
Illinois Chicago Crusader 1982-1995 ILL-7
Illinois Chicago Defender 1947-1971:Jan.1 ILL-4
Illinois Muhammad Speaks 1961:Oct./Nov.-1975:Oct.31 Micfilm S-230
Illinois New Crusader 1971-1985 ILL-7
Indiana Gary Crusader 1971-1992
some gaps--see VIRGO
Indiana Freeman 1888-1916 IND-6
Kentucky Louisville Defender 1971-1990 KY-12
Maryland Afro-American
(National and Philadelphia ed., publ. in Baltimore)
1893-1988 MD-8
Michigan Michigan Chronicle (Detroit) 1943-1997 MICH-1
Missouri St. Louis Sentinel 1971-1987 MO-111
New Jersey New Jersey Afro-American (Newark) 1971-1988 NJ-3
StateTitleHoldingsMicrofilm Call No.
New York Freedom's Journal Mar.1827-Mar. 1829 Micfilm S-564
see also electronic holdings for 1827-1830
New York New York Age 1905-1960 NY-23
New York New York Amsterdam News
(NY Pub.Library edition)
1922-1972 (lacks Jan.1924 & June 1931) NY-1
New York New York Amsterdam News
(Bell & Howell/UMI edition)
See also Ethnic Newswatch for full-text 1993 to current
New York New York Amsterdam News
(National Edition)
1945-1952 NY-1a
Ohio Call and Post (Cleveland) 1971-1989 OHIO-14
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Tribune 1971-1997 PA-12
Pennsylvania New Pittsburgh Courier 1911-1912
South Carolina Palmetto Leader 1926-1957 SC-27
State Title Holdings Microfilm Call No.
Texas Post Tribune (Dallas) 1971-1992 TEX-3
Virginia Charlottesville-Albemarle Tribune 1956-1992 VA-100
Virginia The Tribune (Charlottesville - current print issues also received) 1992-current VA-100
Virginia Journal and Guide (Norfolk) 1939-1992
some gaps--see VIRGO
Virginia New Journal and Guide (Norfolk - current print issues also received) 1975-current
some gaps--see VIRGO
Virginia Richmond Planet
see also selective index and full-text of articles by date (1890-1906)
some gaps--see VIRGO 1917-1938
some gaps--see VIRGO
Virginia Richmond Afro-American and Richmond Planet 1938-1996 VA-72
Wisconsin Milwaukee Courier 1971-86
some gaps--see VIRGO