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African American Resources in Microfilm at UVA Library

Microform and Electronic Resources for Slavery in the Early Republic 1770-1830


  • Adams Family Papers, Micfilm 2221
    Guide not indexed by topic, so user will have to study guide to locate material on slavery.

  • Ball Family Papers, Micfich 1744
    Good print index to papers of this prominent South Carolina family. See entries under Slave Registers, Slave Lists, 1784-1834, and Overseer Agreements, 1813 & 1818

  • American Women's Diaries: New England, Micfilm 1741
    One date-relevant item is indexed in this set’s guide under “slavery”:
    Diary of Ruth Henshaw Bascom 1789-1846 for 1801-1803 descriptions of slave markets  (reel 1)  

  • Black Culture Collection  Micfilm S-148 (Ivy Annex)

Not a lot, but some good material in this collection:

- American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Color. Annual reports from 1818,1821,1824,1827,1829-35, 1841-42….to 1910 with gaps  (reel 11)

- Bacon, Ephraim. Abstract of a Journal…E. bacon, U.S. Assistant Agent for the reception of recaptured negroes on the Western Coast of Africa. Containing an account of the first negotiations for the purchase of lands for the American colony… (reel 15-5)

- Clay, Henry. Speech before the American Colonization Society (reel 12-8)

  • Draper Manuscripts, Micfilm 49
    Potentially one of the most  fruitful sources on this list -- see numerous entries under “negroes: and “slavery” in print guide

  • Early American History Research Reports, Micfich 2019
    not many items, but these few look relevant:

    Plantation housekeeping in colonial Virginia by Jane Carson(1974) (fiche HI57)
    - Notes on the negro school in Williamsburg, 1760-1774, Mary A. Stephenson
    (1963) (fiche HI52)


sample titles:

Extracts from documents in the Departments of State, the Treasury, and of the Navy, in relation to the illicit introduction of slaves into the United States (1819)

The Sorrows of Yamba, or, The Negro woman's lamentations, Micprnt 8 no. 49460

Letter to a member of the General Assembly of Virginia on the subject of the late conspiracy of the slaves [microform] : with a proposal for their colonization (1801) Micprnt 8 no. 819

- Joint resolution for abolishing the traffick in slaves and the olonization [sic] of the free people of colour of the United States : February 11, 1817.... Micprnt 8 no. 42596

  • Land tax books/ Albemarle County, Micfilm 7490 
    See following reels: Reel 1. Land tax book, 1782-1798. -- Reel 2. Land tax book, 1799-1814. -- Reel 3. Land tax book, 1814-1825. -- Reel 4. Land tax book, 1825-1835

  • Minute book/Albemarle County, Micfilm 7491
    see reel 1 1830-1838 for Albemarle County court records

  • Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery. Papers of the Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society, 1775-1975 Micfilm 1589
  • Records of Southern Plantations, Micfilm 1705
    sample materials:

    - Levin Winder papers, 1813-1815, Baltimore, Maryland : also Frederick County, Maryland  (slave insurrection covered in this material) Micfilm 1705 ser. F pt. 3 reel 43

    - Slavery manuscript series, 1784-1865, Louisiana. (Slave bills of sale in this collection)
    Micfilm 1705 ser. H reel 20

    Valcour Aime slave records, 1821-1850, St. James Parish, Louisiana : RG 99 (Louisiana State Museum), Micfilm 1705 ser. H reel 1

    Slave import register, Richmond County, Georgia, 1820-1821 [microform.] / Duke University. Library. Manuscript Dept, Micfilm 1705 ser. F pt. 2 reel 1

  • Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century; Papers and Diaries , Series A-F,
    Micfilm 5727

Very large set. In individual print guides see subject index entries under African Americans/slavery. There are online version guides, but they are not easily searchable, print guides better to use.

  • State Slavery Statutes, Micfich 2193  

  • Survey Reports of the Virginia Colonial Records Project, Micfilm 7477
    2 volume guide is not a subject index

  • Virginia Gazette, Micfilm N-US Va-9
    Virginia newspaper.  See print index for 1736-1780: see many entries under “slave labor”, “slave trade” “slavery for relevant dates.  See also Historical Newspaper Database at for index of microfilmed U.S. titles for the 1770-1830 period. No subject indexes.



  • Early American imprints. series I., Evans (1639-1800)
    sample titles:

- Banneker, Benjamin, 1731-1806. Copy of a letter from Benjamin Banneker to the secretary of state, with his answer
Note: Addressed to Thomas Jefferson, transmitting a copy of the writer's almanac and discussing the subject of slavery.
 (Also on Micfich 1077, no. 24074.)

- Effects of slavery, on morals and industry [microform] / by Noah Webster, Jun. Esq. Counsellor at law and member of the Connecticut Society for ehe [sic] Promotion of Freedom. (Also on Micfich 1077, no. 26448).

- A narrative of the proceedings of the black people, during the late awful calamity in Philadelphia, in the year 1793: and a refutation of some censures, thrown upon them in some late publications... [treatment of blacks in yellow fever epidemic] (Also on Micfich 1077, no. no. 27170)

- Expostulatory letter to George Washington, of Mount Vernon, on his continuing to be a holder of slaves [microform] / Rushton, Edward, 1756-1814.  (1797) 
(Also on Micfich 1077, no. no. 32785.)

- Observations on the slavery of the Negroes, in the southern states [microform] : particularly intended for the citizens of Virginia, / by Juvenis (1785)  (Also on Mich 1077, no. 44751)

  • Major 19th century African-American Newspapers, 1827-1860
    (see Freedom's Journal, 1827-1830)
  • The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1800
    Fruitful resource.
  • American Periodicals Series Online
    sample periodical titles:
    Abolition intelligencer and missionary magazine (1822-1823);
    Genius of universal emancipation, 1821-1839; The African intelligencer (American Colonization Society), 1820


Print/Gov Docs

Virginia slave-trade statistics, 1698-1775 / edited by Walter Minchinton, Celia King, and Peter Waite.
VSL 8/Sl 1,   Gov Docs

compiled by Barbie Selby