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Batten Dashboard: Welcome


Welcome to the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy library dashboard. The dashboard provides quick links to the resources you need to succeed in your course. Whether you are online or on-Grounds, UVA Library services and support are available to all students.

The four categories of evidence this guide highlights below (interest group documents, academic documents, government documents, and news) are based on Prof. Andrew Pennock's The CQ Press Writing Guide for Public Policy (2019, p. 27, Table 2.1). These four kinds of documents are generally the kinds of evidence you will draw on when doing policy research.

Your Librarian

Your Librarian is Christine Slaughter

Each school/department at UVA is assigned a research librarian. Connect with Christine for help with your assignments. This service is available to all Batten students, and meeting with a librarian early in your research process can help you save time and get a better grade.

Christine can help with: learning how to use the Library online, brainstorming your research topic, developing your search strategy, capstone/thesis/dissertation planning, identifying relevant databases/journals for your literature reviews, tracking down resources, and citation management. Christine can meet with you in-person or online via Zoom.

Ask a Librarian

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Sign up for Library orientations, workshops, and events with our online calendar. UVA Library programming is offered in-person and online.

Search for interest group documents

The following databases are useful repositories of policy reports, briefs, and other documentation from think tanks, NGOs, research centers, and other policy-producing and -influencing institutions.

Search for academic articles and books

Academic article databases are often broken up by discipline. It helps if you know in advance what academic literature you want to search: political science, economics, psychology, education, sociology, health, science, et al. Here are links to some of the essential databases that will help you find articles in those fields; you can find databases for additional disciplines here.

Search for government documents

The following links provide quick access to some of the popular databases compiling government information, primarily U.S. congressional and legislative documents. Government documents can be complex to wade through--for additional help please consult the Batten government documents page or the Library's general government information research guide.

Search news media

The following links are the most robust databases for searching newspapers. You can find additional news resources using the Library's news media guide.