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COVID-19 Pandemic Children's Book Collection

Normalizing Face Masks

The books in this section aim to serve as resources for counselors, educators, caregivers, social workers, and librarians. These titles normalize face masks across all settings, educate about public health measures, and encourage children to understand their role in disease prevention. We are in the process of mapping these titles to the CASEL Framework for applying evidence-based SEL strategies.

Face masks are incredibly effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other air-borne diseases. Vaccination and widespread mask usage is crucial to preventing COVID-19 infection especially in large, indoors, public settings (schools, hospitals, grocery stores, public transit, etc.). It's important to note that some masks are more effective than others. For example, KN95 and N95 masks have a significantly higher filtration rate than cloth masks (Shah et al., 2021). When choosing a mask, how it fits to your face is just as important as the type of mask selected. Learn more about which mask you should wear, from the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System. For children, choosing the right mask for your child is also crucial. Adult masks should not be worn by children as they don't provide the correct fit. Learn more in this article from the New York Times about the best masks for children currently available.