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Archive of Understanding Difference Resources

Archive of Resources

Exploring Diversity and Social Justice in Books [A - G] Archive

Across a Hundred Mountains: A Novel   (Reyna Grande)  PS3607 .R3627 A63 2007   Amazon  

Age of Anger: A History of the Present (Pankaj Mishra).

American Born Chinese  (Gene Luen Yang)  PZ7 .K678337 Am 2006  Amazon

American Dreamer: An LGBTQ Romance (Dreamers, Book 1) (Adriana Herrera) 

American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America  (Colin Woodward).

American Slavery, American Freedom: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia (Edmund S. Morgan)

American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement's Hidden Spaces of Hate  (Pete Simi and Robert Futrell).

Amistad: The Slave Uprising Aboard the Spanish Schooner  (Helen Kromer)   E447 .K7 1997 VIDEO DVD00397

Antisemitism: Here and Now (Deborah Lipstadt) Publication date: January 22, 2019.

Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation  (Andrew Marantz)   HN90 .R3 M343 2019

Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People  (Helen Zia)  E184 .O6 Z53 2000.

Autism in Heels: The Untold Story of a Female Life on the Spectrum (Jennifer Cook O’Toole)  Amazon   Barnes & Noble

The Bad Muslim Discount: A Novel  (Syed M. Masood)   Amazon

Bayou Of Pigs  (Stewart Bell) .

The Beadworkers [Beth Piatote]   PS3616 .I21255 .A6 2019   

Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist   (Judith Heuman)  JC 571 .H49 2020  Amazon

Bent   PS3569 .H433 B4 1979

The Bi-ble: The Bi-ble: Volume One 1: Essays and Personal Narratives about Bisexuality   (Edited by Lauren Nickodemus  and Ellen Desmond)  Amazon  

The Bi-ble: The Bi-ble: [Volume Two] New Testimonials: Further Original Essays and Narratives about Bisexuality (Edited by Lauren Nickodemus  and Ellen Desmond)  Amazon  

Brown is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution has Created a New American Majority (Steve Phillips)  E 184.A1 P49 2015     Amazon  

The Best We Could Do  (Thi Bui)  PN6727 .B85 B47 2017

Between the World and Me (Ta-Nehisi Coates).

Bind Us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation  (Nicholas Guyatt)  E184 .A1 G985 2016 .

BIPOC Voices in Speculative Fiction  March 21, 2021 Register  [Virginia Festival of the Book]

Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today (Jacqueline Battalora) .

Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment (Patricia Hill Collins)  HQ1426 .C633 2000  .

Black Like Us: A Century of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual African American Fiction  (Edited by Devon W. Carbado, Dwight A. McBride, and Donald Weise; Foreword by Evelyn C. White)   PS648 .H57 B58 2002

The Black Maria: Poems (Aracelis Girmay)   PS3607 .I47 A6 2016 

Black Rednecks and White Liberals (Thomas Sowell).

Black Software: The Internet & Racial Justice, from the AfroNet to Black Lives Matter (Charlton D. McIlwain)  P94.5 .A37 M35 2020  Amazon    

Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement From the Margins to the Mainstream  (Leonard Zeskind)  E184 .A1 Z47 2009

The Bluest Eye   (Toni Morrison)   PS3563 .O8749 B5 1994

Books White People Need to Read (Listopia).

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood  (Trevor Noah)  PN2287 .N557 A3 2016 .

The Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir  (Domingo Martinez)  PN4874 .M4827 A3 2012

The Broken Circle: A Memoir of Escaping Afghanistan (Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller)

The Broken Heart of America: St. Louis and the Violent History of the United States   (Walter Johnson )  Amazon  VIRGO Available to Order

The Broken Ladder: How Inequality Affects the Way We Think, Live, and Die  (Keith Payne) .

The Buddha in the Attic (Julie Otsuka)   PS3615 .T88 B83 2011 .

The Burden: African Americans and the Enduring Impact of Slavery  (Rochelle Riley)   E185.86 .B863 2018.

The Burning: Massacre, Destruction, and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921  (Tim Madigan)   F704 .T92 M33 2001   Amazon

Cantoras   (Carolina de Robertis)  PS3604.E129 C36 2019

Citizen: An American Lyric (Claudia Rankine)  Read via HathiTrust    Amazon

Class: A Guide Through the American Status System   (Paul Fussell).

A Collar in My Pocket: Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise (Jane Elliott).

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America  (Richard Rothstein) .

The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap  (Mehrsa Baradaran).

Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War (Tony Horwitz).

Crazy Brave: A Memoir  (Joy Harjo)  PS3558 .A62423 Z46 2012

Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement (Kimberlé Crenshaw,editor) KF4755 .A75 C7 1995 

Crosshairs  (Catherine Hernandez)  Amazon

Crying in H Mart: A Memoir (Michelle Zauner)  ML420 .Z3913 A3 2021   Amazon

The Cure for Hate: A  Former White Supremacist’s Journey from Violent Extremism to Radical Compassion  (Tony McAleer)

          Dance Me Outside: More Tales from the Ermineskin Reserve (W. P. Kinsella)   PR9199.3 .K443 D3 1986

Dance or Die: From Stateless Refugee to International Ballet Star [A memoir] (Ahmad Joudeh )  Amazon

The Danish Girl: A Novel (David Evershoff)  PS 3555 .B4824 D36 2000

Dark Bargain: Slavery, Profits, and the Struggle for the Constitution   (Lawrence Goldstone)  KF4510 .G65 2005 .

Dark Soul of the South: The Life and Crimes of Racist Killer Joseph Paul Franklin  (Mel Ayton) .

The Day the Holocaust Began: The Odyssey of Herschel Grynszpan  (Gerald Schwab)  DS135 .G3315 S37 1990 .

The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X(Les Payne and Tamara Payne)  Amazon

Dear Zealots: Letters from a Divided Land     (Amos Oz)     BF575 .F16 O913 2018.

Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921   (Scott Ellsworth)  Access Online     Amazon    

The Desegregated Heart: A Virginian's Stand in Times of Transition  (Sarah Patton Boyle).

Detained and Deported: Stories of Immigrant Families Under Fire (Margaret Regan)   JV6483 .R44 2015

The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait  (Carlos Fuentes) VIRGO

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century (Alice Wong)    HV1552.3 .D57 2020  Amazon

The Displaced [electronic resource]: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives  (Edited by Viet Thanh Nguyen)     

Dispossessing the Wilderness:  Indian Removal and the Making of the National Parks  (Mark David Spence)  E98 .R4 S64 1999  or  Read online .

Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World That Wasn't Designed for You (Jenara Nerenberg)   Amazon   JMRL Audio CD

The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture (Heather Mac Donald)  LC191.94 .M34 2018 .

Do Not Say We Have Nothing(Madeleine Thien)    PR9199.3 .T447 D62 2016    Amazon

Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class [Ian Haney López]   E185.615 .H278 2014

Don't Label Me: An Incredible Conversation for Divided Times   (Irshad Manji)   HN90 .M84 M36 2019   Amazon

Don't You Ever: My Mother and Her Secret Son (Mary Carter Bishop)  HQ759.96 .B47 2018.

A Dream Called Home: A Memoir (Reyna Grande)   Amazon

Dumping In Dixie: Race, Class, and Environmental Quality  (Robert D. Bullard) HC107.A13 B85 2000  Amazon      

Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America's Heartland   (Jonathan M. Metzl)  RA563 .M56 M48 2019  Brown SEL  .

The Eagles of Heart Mountain: A True Story of Football, Incarceration, and Resistance in World War II America (Bradford Pearson)  Read Online

Eat a Bowl of Tea  (Louis Chu)   PR9900 .C5 C48 1961

Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities (Craig Steven Wilder).

Edinburgh  (Alexander Chee)    PS3603 .H44 E35 2001   Amazon

The Education of Little Tree     PS3553 .A777 Z464 1986         

The End of White Christian America (Robert P. Jones).

Erasing Institutional Bias: How to Create Systemic Change for Organizational Inclusion  (Tiffany Jana and Ashley Diaz Mejias)  VIRGO online.

Everything I Never Told You (Celeste Ng)    PS3614 .G83 E94 2014    Amazon

Extra Bold: A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-racist, Nonbinary Field Guide for Graphic Designers (Ellen Lupton)  Amazon    

Eye Level: Poems (Jenny Xie)  PS3624 .I4 E94 2018

1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus (Charles C. Mann)  E61 .M266 2005   Amazon     

Fall or Fly: The Strangely Hopeful Story of Foster Care and Adoption in Appalachia  (Wendy Welch).

Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America (Jonathan Kozol).

The Fire Is upon Us: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America  (Nicholas Buccola)    E185.615 .B77 2019   Amazon

Fire Shut Up in My Bones: A Memoir  (Charles M. Blow).

Flight Behavior: A Novel  (Barbara Kingsolver) PS3561 .I496 F55 2012. 

Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619–2019  (Edited by Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain)  E185 .F625 2021

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement (Angela Y. Davis) .

From Harlem to the Rhine  (Arthur West Little)   D570.33 369th .L5   HathiTrust Edition  

From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century (William A. Darity Jr. and A. Kristen Mullen)  E 185.89.R45 D37 2020  E-Book  Amazon   

Girl in Translation (Jean Kwok)   PS3611  .W65 G57 2010

Gods of the Upper Air: How a Circle of Renegade Anthropologists Reinvented Race, Sex, and Gender in the Twentieth Century  Charles King   GN21 .B56 K55 2019  

Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell).

Good Kings Bad Kings: A Novel   (Susan Nussbaum)   PS3614 .U874 G66 2013      Amazon

The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics  (Selena Zito and Brad Todd).

The Great Stain: Witnessing American Slavery  (Noel Rae)  Also on order in VIRGO .