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British Parliamentary Papers


This guide is meant for those beginning research in British Parliamentary Papers. It focuses on Shannon Library's 19th and 20th century holdings and lists indexes and finding aids for each of the three categories listed below.

  • Sessional (or Parliamentary) papers are the working documents of each session of Parliament and can be divided into three types: Bills, Reports and Command Papers.
  • Journals record the proceedings and decisions made in each house. Journals have been printed for each session of Parliament since 1509 for the Lords (preceded by the Rolls of Parliament) and since 1547 for the Commons (except for the period 1584-1601).
  • Debates are the record of the actual discussion on the floors of both houses.
  • See a list of selected British documents in microform available at Shannon Library
  • See also which Parliamentary Papers are currently available online for free and for payment.

Indexes & Finding Aids at UVA Libraries

Note: Indexes and finding aids are also listed in the individual pages of this research guide.