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Video and Media Resources


The library will work with instructors to make video materials available in the formats and locations necessary for teaching, learning, and research. In order to comply with copyright law, we will explore a range of options. Many requests can be evaluated and handled very quickly; however, requests for digitizing or streaming a video must be evaluated for copyright compliance on a case-by-case basis. The services outlined below describe specific solutions we offer. For questions, please feel free to contact Leigh Rockey.

Video Clips
The library will digitize limited segments (“clips”) of videos for instructors to use in teaching and research. Clips save time by isolating portions of videos to show in class, release instructors from the need to fast forward or watch previews, provide a consistent viewing experience, and allow collection of related material in one location. Clips can be used for in-class viewing on a flash drive and/or made available for streaming online within Collab. You can make a clip request by filling out the online clip request form

Format Conversion
Instructors occasionally ask for an entire video (not just clips) to be converted to a new format for teaching or research purposes. When the request is made to solve playback issues, such as the need to show a VHS in a classroom without a VCR, we will first try to purchase a DVD in the needed format. If the video is not available, we will pursue a range of options to address the instructional need. Please direct all conversion requests for library videos to Leigh Rockey.

Research Copies
For videos that are out of print or otherwise unobtainable, contact Leigh Rockey to evaluate the need for a personal research copy. Such copies are only for personal research purposes and may not be copied, broadcast, published, or distributed in any way.

For some videos we may already own the streaming rights, but for others we will need to look into acquiring them. If we cannot purchase streaming rights, we will need to evaluate the streaming request using a fair use analysis before digitization of the content can be approved. Instructors interested in streaming entire films or programs should contact Leigh Rockey to explore options.

When using library video materials, individual faculty members assume full responsibility for complying with copyright law. For more information on this topic, please see “Web Stewardship, Web Responsibilities”.