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Software on Library Public Computers

A list of the software on the public computers at the University Library.


For the benefit of our patrons, the Library keeps the software on our public computers stable and unchanging during the academic year.  Toward this end, the Library has deadlines for requesting existing software be upgraded or new software be installed on our public computers.  These deadlines also allow us to ensure that all courseware is tested and will not compromise the availability of other software.

Software Request Deadlines
For Classes Beginning... Deadline for submitting a software request is...
Fall Semester July 1
Spring Semester November 1
Summer Semesters April 1

While we try to accommodate requests for software upgrades or installation after the deadlines, we cannot guarantee that such later requests can be fulfilled.

Please email requests to

A few other caveats:

  1. Requests for software to be installed on the public computers must be made by Library employees, or other faculty, staff, or teaching assistants.

  2. The software must have an academic purpose.

  3. The software cannot be trialware, demoware, shareware, etc.

  4. The software cannot be beta software.

  5. The software must be actively maintained and recently updated by the developers.

  6. The software must work on the current Library computers along with the existing software.

  7. The requestor must provide a copy of the governing license agreement and proof of purchase or right-to-use authorization stating that the requestor, requestor's department or UVA has acquired enough licenses to enable the software to be used at UVa.

    1. If a non-Library faculty, staff, teaching assistant, department, center, or program requests the inclusion of special-purpose software on Library public computers and does not already possess the necessary licenses, the Library may, upon review, contribute 50% of the license cost, with the requestor contributing the other 50%, with the understanding that the software is available for use by anyone who sits down at a Library public computer.

    2. The Library will annually review usage statistics for licensed software on public computers, and if specially requested software seems to be underutilized, the Library may propose to the requestor that the software license be allowed to lapse.