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Collaborative Caribbean Collections


  • How can I contact the organizers to send questions or suggestions?
    You can communicate with us by sending an email to:

  • How can I participate in this initiative?
    The process is easy. You need to consult the lists organized by country on the Home page and mark an X in the Select column,
     if you want to be anonymous, or add your UVA computer ID if you want to receive notification when the book arrives at UVA.

  • How can I receive notification when the books I have selected arrive at the library?
    Include your UVA computer ID in the Select column, and you will receive an email when the book reaches the stacks.

  • A book that I want to have in the library is already marked. Should I check it again?
    Yes. It will help us discover future needs.

  • What do I do if I want a book that is not included in these lists?
    If it is a book related to the subject and the region, you can send us an email at

  • I just found out that a book about the Caribbean that I want to read has been recently published by Yale University. How can I select it?
    If it is a book related to the subject but published in the United States, you should order it following the normal procedure using the Purchase Recommendation form.

  • Will similar initiatives exist to continue buying Caribbean books next year?
    This initiative is meant to alleviate the consequences that COVID has created in the acquisition process in our library. Our goal is also to discover future needs for which we will acquire new material using normal procedures.