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Congressional Publications at UVA Libraries

Overview of Congressional Publications available in all formats at UVA Library.

Useful links

Congressional Publications at U.Va. Libraries


Law School

Alderman & Online
(Sometimes the online will be full text access, sometimes only indexing. 
VIRGO provides full text of many current Congressional publications.)

Bills - Y1.4/1-Y1.4/9

See also:

Microfiche: 1965 to present

Microfilm: 1789-1817
Senate Bills ( Micfilm S-1570) ; House Bills (Micfilm S-1571)
Ivy Annex 
Microfiche    3 East, Alderman
1979 to present 

Other Microfilm holdings - please note:
The Center for Research Libraries  (CRL) has microfilm for congressional bills and resolutions from the 1st through the 72nd Congress (1789-1933). This microfilm and other congressional materials on film) may be borrowed by UVA users through UVA Library Interlibrary Services. 

Print-  Y1.4/1-Y1.4/9, 3 new

Index only
(useful for historical bills)
See Congressional Record, History of Bills and Resolutions section for desired session -- arranged by bill number for debates, summaries, floor action, etc.
Proquest Congressional: Bills & Resolutions - 1989-present – bill tracking, 1973-present
House Bills & Resolutions - 1799-1873
Senate Bills & Resolutions - 1819-1873

Legislative Histories

See also:

*Legislative History Research Guide at Georgetown

*Presidential Signing Statements Research Guide at Georgetown

*Federal Legislative History: Overview of Legislative History at UCLA

*Electronic Sources for Federal Legislative History Documents at LLSDC

61st - 97th Cong. - selective

Cataloged separately in VIRGO – selective

Cataloged separately in VIRGO - selective
Proquest Congressional -1969/1970-present

House & Senate Reports & Documents  (called the Serial Set when bound.)

See also:

*Serial Set Guide at LLSDC

*Read about Documents and Reports.

*GPO's Catalog of the Congressional Serial Set for the Schedule of Serial Set volumes, lising which reports & documents constitute what SS volumes.

*U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List (College of Wooster) lists agency publications contained within the Serial Set

69th -91st Cong.
(v.8522 (1926)-v.12880 (1969))
(Serial Set microfiche)
91st: 2d sess (1970) to present
(LN/CIS microfiche)

Serial Set - Y 1.1/2:
1940s-1960s - selectively

Microfiche  3 East, Alderman
1818-1925 (v.1-8521) - fiche of Serial Set (Proquest/LN/CIS fiche)
1978-present: microfiche, Y 1.1/3-Y 1.1/8

Serial Set - Y 1.1/2:
1818-1925 (v.1-8521, w/ gaps) - Ivy Stacks
1926-1960 (v.8523-12304) - Alderman Room 317
1960-current (v.12305-) - on back and East side walls, under Y 1.1/2 (Alderman 3 Old)
Proquest  Congressional  - Full text 1789-1969 104th Congress (1995/96 to present).

Senate Executive Documents & Reports

(These are treaty related or related to nominations for federal positions).

Some included in Serial Set after 1979

Some included in Serial Set after 1979

Proquest Congressional - Full text from 1789-1969

American State Papers  - 1789-1816
(predecessor to the Serial Set)

 Z 3.1: - Documents Stacks

Microfiche  3East, Alderman
 Part of the LN  Serial Set fiche
Z -  Alderman 3 New
Proquest Congressional
Library of Congress

Congressional Hearings
(published hearings)

See also Proquest guide to searching for Hearings

Note: Hearings provided in Proquest Congressional may lack
some documents.from the official  printed transcripts. For complete online versions of  recent hearings try the webpage of the relevant House or Senate committee or subcommittee.

1947 - 1998 - LN/CIS fiche

1970 to present - Y 4

Microfiche   3 East, Alderman
1833-1946 - LN fiche
1978 to present - Y 4

1930 to present - Y 4 - 3 New Stacks
comprehensively since 1950 or so

VIRGO Catalog
Proquest Congressional 
C-Span Video Library (selected hearings)

See also House and Senate Committee web sites for recent testimony and hearings. 

Unpublished House & Senate Hearings


Microfiche:   3East, Alderman
House - 1833-1936
Senate - 1823-1976

Proquest  Congressional - online full text - 1823-2003

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Major Studies & Reports

Microfiche & Film:
1916 to present

Proquest  Congressional
CRS guide for access to earlier dates.

Committee Prints
See useful information from GPO Access and Proquest

1948-1969 - CIS Committee Prints fiche
1970 - 2002 - CIS fiche

Selective  - Y 4

Microfiche  3East, Alderman
less comprehensive than Law's set

Selective - Y 4
Proquest  Congressional 
FDSys  (from 1997-present)

Journal of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789

LJ .C5 -

LC 4.5:
Library of Congress

Congressional Debates
Annals of Congress
Register of Debates
Congressional Globe
Congressional Record
Appendix (included in the CR Daily edition from 1957-1976)

See also:
*About the Congressional Record from Library of Congress

*"What is the Congressional Record" - White paper from Proquest.

*Guide to voting from Bowdoin College Library.

1789 to present

1971 - present
LJ - LAW-FLOOR2 Documents Stacks

Microfiche & Microfilm
1789-1838 - Annals of Congress & Register of Debates  (3East, Alderman). 
1789 to present - X
Alderman 3 New

Bound Permanent Edition VIRGO Record for Alderman
Daily CR VIRGO record for Alderman - retained until bound volume received.

Microprint - Appendix (1957-1975)
Ivy Stacks 

Also available via Proquest Congressional

Electronic - UVA only
Proquest Congressional (1873-1997)
HeinOnline (1789-current)

Electronic - free access
Indexing (1994-present); Text (1989-present)
FDSys: Indexing (1983-present);Text (1994-present) 
Library of Congress:
Annals; Register...; Congressional Globe

Capitol Wordsfrom the Sunlight Foundation is an interesting way to explore recent Congressional Records. 1995-

House Journal
 - the official record of the proceedings of the House. 

LJ - LAW-FLOOR2 Documents Stacks

1789-1847 - Z
(3East, Alderman). 
1789-1952 - Serial Set (see above)
1953-1991 - XJH

Proquest Congressional 
FDSys search back to 1991
Library of Congress (1789-1875)

Senate Journal of Executive Proceedings

1789-1829, 1980-1996
LJ S - LAW-FLOOR2 Docs. Stacks