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CRS (Congressional Research Service) Reports

CRS Reports

The Library of Congress Congressional Research Service does research and writes report specifically for Congress. These reports are not normally distributed to depository libraries like UVA, but there are some possibilities for finding them at UVA. Please be sure to consult with Government Information staff for more help in finding CRS reports.  NOTE: CRS reports can also usually be obtained by contacting one's Representative or Senator. That usually takes about two weeks. So, do check with us first. We can probably get it for you more quickly. A very good overview of CRS and its reports is available from LLRX.

Major studies & issue briefs of the Congressional Research Service
Law Library - Microfiche & Microfilm
SST .L6973
This set of film and fiche contains many, not all, of the CRS reports since 1916. The reports and issue briefs are numbered in a variety of ways - RS5647 or RL23567 or IB3950 or 93-1010-F. The reports in this collection are not indexed separately in VIRGO. Paper indexes to these are available in the Law Library Microforms Reference area


Electronic Sources for CRS Reports