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Non-Government Maps

Frequently Requested Non-Depository Maps

Unlike the Depository maps, these maps will be primarily shelved according to the geographic area covered by the map, rather than by the type of map. Most of these maps will be shelved under the G call number in the trays at the north end of the Map Room. Most maps of this sort will be listed in VIRGO. You may find it useful to consult the guide to Library of Congress call numbers for maps to help you browse the trays. This is found both in "LC Call Numbers for Maps" in the red folder on the wooden shelves next to the LC maps.

This collection is generally less up to date, less comprehensive and less complete than the depository map collection. These are maps primarily from commercial publishers, non-US mapping agencies, NGOs, and various other sources.


Reserve Maps

A small collection of Reserve maps covers cities of particular interest to the School of Architecture - Venice, New York, New Orleans.  The cases are labeled as "Reserve."

Commercial/Tourist Maps

These may include the kinds of street maps you can buy in a grocery store, or pick up at a Chamber of Commerce. There are number of maps and gazetteers of non-US cities on the Atlas shelves in Map Room.


City Plans

There are a fair number of these available for US and non-US cities. However, the more detailed maps (ie, zoning and planning maps) are less common because these maps are not published, redistributed or collected in any organized way by libraries and state or local governments. Some foreign city plans will be found, but these will likely be out of date. See also the details on the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, which are held on microfilm for Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Charlottesville Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.   These are not restricted to U.Va. use.


Foreign Mapping Programs/Series

The Map Room holds many complete or nearly complete map base maps produced by foreign governments at intermediate to large scales. These include all of the UK at 1:50K, much of France and Italy at 1:100K, and other European and South American nations. Maps such as these are similar to our US Geological Survey topographic map series.