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HIEU 1502: Russian History Through Film

Introductory/Background Information

Subject encyclopedias can provide detailed and authoritative background information that can help you to begin your research. The articles can define terms, give an overview of a topic and suggest directions for narrowing your research. They can also provide bibliographies of books and articles for more in-depth research.

Encyclopedia of Russian History. 2004. Covers many aspects of Russian and Soviet history. Shannon Reference DK 14 .E53 2004 4 vols.

The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History.1983, with supplements. to 2011. Extensive. Some of the entries may provide more information on topics related to Stalinism, though not as up to date as the Encyclopedia of Russian History. 46 volumes, with a further 25 volumes of supplements. Shannon Reference DK 14 .M36 

Historical Dictionary of Ukraine (for example). 2013. The Soviet Union was much more than Russia, of course. Shannon Library has "historical dictionaries" for many of the former Soviet Republics that may provide background on people and events not covered in the "Russian" or "Soviet" encyclopedias. Shannon Reference DK 508.444 .K04 2013

Finding Scholarly Articles and Other Secondary Sources

Finding Books and Other Primary Sources

Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Online The digital collection consists chiefly of summary transcripts of 705 interviews conducted with refugees from the USSR during the early years of the Cold War. A unique source for the study of Soviet society between 1917 and the mid-1940s, the HPSSS includes vast amounts of one-of-a-kind data on political, economic, social and cultural conditions. 

Google Books Searches the full text of thousands of books. If used in conjunction with full text search of a book, can get most of the text of a book. 

VIRGO-- The U.Va. Library Catalog 

Keyword search should be "Google-like," just enter whatever terms you want; no need for connectors like and.
Will search the title, author's name or description of the item.

There are also some Subject terms that indicate primary source materials:

Notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.
Personal narratives (used in relation to specific events only) 
Songs and music
Speeches, addresses, etc.*

*Used with individuals' names,classes of persons (e.g., soldiers), and organizations.

VIRGO Classic In Basic Search mode choose "Begins With" and then select "Title" when searching for a known item, or "Subject" when searching for terms like Soviet Union will reveal related subject headings and different subdivisions--for example, Soviet Union--1917-1936--Politics and Government.

Some large primary source collections:

Cumings, Alex G., ed. Documents of Soviet History. Gulf Breeze, FL: Academic Engagement Press, 1998. Organized chronologically. Covers period 1917-1936. Communist Party discussions and statements of policy. If a document is abridged, the abridgement should be noted, and the original sources (usually in Russian) supplied for further reference.

The Russian Revolution from the October Revolution to the Moscow Trials, 1917-1936. Nendeln, Liechstenstein: Kraus Reprint, 1975. Six-volume set organized by broad theme, then chronology. Includes oppositional documents, as well as works by Communist leaders. Some are in English, some in German.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Norfolk Journal and Guide, Pittsburgh Courier, NY Amsterdam News, Baltimore Afro-American, and Washington Post. 

Getting Materials Not in U.Va. Library--Interlibrary Loan

Unavailable through VIRGO or unavailable in full-text via our article databases does not mean inaccessible or even seriously inconvenient. U.Va. Library has a great interlibrary loan service that should put the needed article in your inbox or the book in your hands within a few days of your requesting it.

Create an account with our Interlibrary Loan Department (log on as first-time user).


Finding Images

ArtStor Images of world art from all periods, including paintings, drawings, prints, historic photographs, architecture and design. Tips on using ArtStor.

Citation Tools and Style Guides

Citation Tools and Style Guides Includes links to commonly used style guides; RefWorks, a U.Va-supported tool for managing citations and bibliographies; and advice on writing and avoiding plagiarism.