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STS 4500 Library Dashboard: Welcome

Canvas dashboard for STS 4500 courses.


Welcome to the STS 4500 library dashboard. The dashboard provides quick links to the resources you need to succeed in your course. Whether you are online or on-Grounds, UVA Library services and support are available to all students. 

Your Librarian

Your Librarian is Maggie Nunley

Each school/department at UVA is assigned a research librarian.

Connect with Maggie for help with your assignments. This service is available to all SEAS students, and meeting with a librarian early in your research process can help you save time and get a better grade.

Maggie can help with any step in the research process and can meet with you in-person or online via Zoom.

Search for academic articles

Academic databases contain peer-reviewed articles, scientific papers, reports, and more. 

Search Virgo

Virgo is the Library catalog, where you can find books, articles, and more. 

Ask a Librarian

Sign Up for Library events

Sign up for Library orientations, workshops, and events with our online calendar. UVA Library programming is offered in-person and online.

Explore core STS journals

Access SEAS undergraduate thesis portfolios

The SEAS thesis portfolios are made up of: 

  1. STS Prospecus (written in STS4500)
  2. Major Capstone/Technical (however your major defines this - they're each unique)
  3. STS Research Paper (written in STS4600)
  4. Executive Summary (also written in STS4600)

2020-2023 are available online through the UVA Library's repository, Libra. 

2019 and earlier are only available in print. They're located in the Library's off-grounds storage but can be access by delivery to the library of your choice by request. If you've never requested something from Ivy before this guide will walk you through how to do it. 

Explore ways to make research easier

Help with APA citations

For most courses in STS our preferred citation style is APA. 

Watch library tutorials