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Understanding Difference

Suggested resources to help you see the world from perspectives different from your own and "bring... you into conversation with people different from those with whom you normally associate.”

About These Resources

The resources listed on this page have been compiled by staff at the University of Virginia Library to help each other fulfill the "Understanding Difference" organizational goal.   Each resource listed provides both an opportunity and a means for engagement with people whose perspectives and life experiences are different from our own.  The suggested articles, books, films, podcasts, organizations, and other resources are not comprehensive: This is, and always will be, a work in progress.

Featured this Week


26 June 2020


Edinburgh  (Alexander Chee)    PS3603 .H44 E35 2001   Amazon

White Affirmative Action     [Scene on Radio: Seeing White podcast series]   Duration: 48:02

Woman Walks Ahead  Amazon Prime  Duration: 1 hour: 42 minutes

3 July 2020


How Racism  Makes Us Sick   Duration 17:17

Invisible Man  (Ralph Ellison)    PS3555 .L625 I5 1965    Read Online     Amazon

Shelter   (Jung Yun)   PS3625 .U53 S54 2016   Amazon













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