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Understanding Difference

Suggested resources to help you see the world from perspectives different from your own and "bring... you into conversation with people different from those with whom you normally associate.”


On Home Ground: The Native American Experience 

America, I Sing Back   (Allison Adelle Hedge Coke)

American Gypsy: Six Native American Plays (Diane Glancy) PS3557.L294 A84 2002  [Ivy by Request]   Amazon

Ancient Cliffs Are Revealing Lost Tribal Histories  [Tribal Truths : Radio IQ Here and Now podcast]  Duration: 31:51

Asylum in the Grasslands: Poems (Diane Glancy)  PS3557 .L294 A89 2007  Amazon  Poems that explore the history of loss in the Cherokee community.

The Body Remembers when the World Broke Open    Netflix         Duration:  1h:45

Braiding Sweetgrass  Library Access Online

Canada Reaches $31.5 Billion Deal over Indigenous Children Put in Foster Care Unnecessarily (Washinton Post: Amanda Coletta) 

Carry: A Memoir of Survival on Stolen Land (Toni Jensen) E98 .W8 J46 2020   Amazon

Cherokee Morning Song [Walela]   Duration: 3:46

The Death of Sitting Bear: New and Selected Poems [N. Scott Momaday]  PS3563 .O47 A6 2020

Drunktown's Finest   IMDb     Amazon (Rent or Buy)   More Options to View  Duration: 1h:35  

Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience, 1875–1928 (David Wallace Adams)  E97.5 .A35 1995  Amazon

Gather    Kanopy  Netflix  Amazon Prime  Duration 1h:14 

Hoop Dance  Duration: 8:02

How the Iroquois Great Law of Peace Shaped U.S. Democracy

Indian Boarding School Discussion: Dealing with the Trauma Today  Duration: 1:02:00

Indigenous Continent: The Epic Contest for North America  [Pekka Hämäläinen] E77 .H197 2022

My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying  Duration: 6:47

Montford: The Chickasaw Rancher    IMDb   Netflix   Amazon Prime      Duration: 1h:36

Native American Quilter Expands on Mohawk Traditions [PBS] [Duration: 6:21]

Not a Kernel of Truth: After 400 Years It’s Time to Take Down the Monumental Insult — The Wall Street Journal Needs to Cease its incorrect ‘Pilgrim Journal’   [Indian Country Today] 

Peace Path  (Heid E. Erdrich)

Postcolonial Love Poem (Natalie Diaz)   PS3604 .I186 P67 2020   Amazon  

The Reservation (Adrian C. Louis).

Rumble On: More Native American Musicians You Should Know  (PBS Independent Lens)

Shouting Secrets   IMDb  Amazon Prime    Duration: 1h:28

10 Native Inventions and Innovations that Changed the World  (Vincent Schilling)We Shall Remain  VIDEO .DVD10480 pt. 1, 2, and 3 [3 discs]  PBS   Amazon Prime 

To See as Far as the Grandfather World  (Ray Young Bear)

Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival (Velma Wallis)    E99 .K84 W35 1993  (Ivy By Request)  Amazon

A Wampanoag Retelling of Thanksgiving  [Indian Country Today]  Duration: Starts at 7:38; ends at 18:37 

We Are the Land: A History of Native California  (Damon B. Akins  and William J. Bauer)  Access Online  Amazo

We Shall Remain  VIDEO .DVD10480 pt. 1, 2, and 3 [3 discs]  PBS   Amazon Prime

Wind River   KLAUS DVD #2121  Netflix  IMDb  Duration 1h:47

Winter in the Blood    PS3573 .E44 W5      Film VIDEO .DVD17446  Duration 1h:38 


The Romany Experience

Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey  (Isabel Fonseca)  DX115 .F66 1995   Amazon

Gypsy Boy: My Life in the Secret World of the Romany Gypsies  (Mikey Walsh)  DX127 .W35 A3 2012   [Ivy By Request] Amazon

Time of the Gypsies   [Dom Za Vešanje] VIDEO .VHS8454   IMDb Amazon Prime [Rent or Buy]  Duration: 2h:22