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Slavic Languages and Literatures

Slavic Collections at the University of Virginia Library

The University of Virginia Library has a flourishing collection of materials in both Russian and Polish. Currently, we have approximately 220,000 items in the entire Slavic collection, which is comprised of 160,000 books, 45,000 periodicals, and 600 films. Within that, approximately 102,000 items are in Russian language; 30,000 in Polish language, and 8,000 in Czech language. 

Approximately 34,000 of our Slavic items are located in Alderman Library, with 1,000 in Clemons Library, 300 in the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library, 15,000 in the Ivy Stacks, 900 in the Music Library, and 100 in Special Collections.

We also have approximately 18,000 items in South Slavic languages, 2,000 in West Slavic languages, and 2,700 in East Slavic languages.

Our current collecting needs focus on Russian Orthodoxy, Russian philosophy, Russian intellectual history, Stalin-era Russian history, Siberia, the Holocaust, Jews and other non-ethnic groups in the Empire, general regional issues, Crimea, and émigré literature, as well as contemporary Russian writers from all regions of the country and the world. 

For more information on the specifics of our Polish and Russian collections, follow the drop-down links under "Collections".

Where do I find Slavic materials in the library? 

The University of Virginia Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Call numbers containing Slavic materials are as follows:

BL 900-980: History and Principles of Religions, Other European
BX 200-756: Orthodox Eastern Church (General)

For more specific information on materials within these call numbers, consult the appropriate headings at the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

DJK: History: Eastern Europe (General)
DK: History: Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics, Poland
DR: History: Balkan Peninsula

For more specific information on materials within these subclasses, consult the appropriate headings at the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

G 2110-2196: Atlases: Former Soviet Republics, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), Russia (Empire)
G 7000-7342: Maps: Former Soviet Republics, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), Russia (Empire)

JN 6500-6598: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Soviet Union, Russia, Former Soviet Republics
JN 6615: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Estonia
JN 6630-6639: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Ukraine
JN 6640-6649: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Belarus
JN 6680-6689: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Moldova
JN 6690-6699: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Russia (Federation)
JN 6730-6739: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Latvia
JN 6745: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Lithuania
JN 6750-6769: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Poland
JN 9600-9689: Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe): Balkan States

KLA - KLW: Law: Asia and Eurasia: Eurasia 

For more specific information on materials within these subclasses, consult the appropriate headings at the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

LF 4203-4209: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Poland
LF 4211-4437: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Russia (Federation)
LF 4440-4441: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Estonia
LF 4443-4444: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Latvia
LF 4445-4446: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Lithuania
LF 4447.2-4447.5: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Belarus
LF 4448-4448.5: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Moldova
LF 4449.2-4449.5: Education: Individual Institutions (Europe): Ukraine
LG 302.2-320: Education: Individual Institutions (Asia): Former Soviet Republics in Asia

PG: Language and Literature: Slavic and Baltic Languages, Albanian Language
PG 1-499: Slavic Philology and Languages (General)
PG 500-585: Slavic Literature (General)
PG 601-716: Church Slavic
PG 771-799: Bulgarian Church Slavic
PG 801-1146: Bulgarian
PG 1151-1199: Macedonian
PG 1201-1749: Serbo-Croatian
PG 1801-1962: Slovenian
PG 2001-2826: Russian Language
PG 2830-2847: Belarusian
PG 2900-2998: Russian Literature: History and Criticism: General
PG 3001-3026: Russian Literature: History and Criticism: Special Periods
PG 3041-3065: Russian Literature: History and Criticism: Poetry
PG 3071-3089: Russian Literature: History and Criticism: Drama
PG 3091-3099: Russian Literature: History and Criticism: Prose
PG 3100-3155: Russian Literature: History and Criticism: Folk Literature, Including Texts
PG 3199-3205: Russian Literature: Collections: General
PG 3211-3219: Russian Literature: Collections: Translations
PG 3223-3229.2: Russian Literature: Collections: Special Periods
PG 3230-3238: Russian Literature: Collections: Poetry
PG 3240-3255: Russian Literature: Collections: Drama
PG 3260-3299: Russian Literature: Collections: Prose
PG 3300-3308: Russian Literature: Individual Authors and Works: Early to 1700
PG 3310-3319: Russian Literature: Individual Authors and Works: 18th Century
PG 3312: Derzhavin
PG 3314: Karamzin
PG 3316: Lomonosov
PG 3318: Sumarokov
PG 3320-3447: Russian Literature: Individual Authors and Works: 1800-1870
PG 3325-3328: Dostoyevsky
PG 3332-3335: Gogol'
PG 3340-3359: Pushkin
PG 3365-3417: Tolstoi
PG 3420-3445: Turgenev
PG 3450-3470: Russian Literature: Individual Authors and Works: 1870-1917
PG 3452: Andreev
PG 3455-3458: Chekhov
PG 3462-3465: Gorky
PG 3475-3476: Russian Literature: Individual Authors and Works: 1917-1960
PG 3477-3490: Russian Literature: Individual Authors and Works: 1961-2000
PG 3491.2-3493.96: Russian Literature: Individual Authors and Works: 2001-
PG 3500-3505: Russian Literature: Provincial, Local, Etc.
PG 3515-3550: Russian Literature: Outside the Russian Federation
PG 3651-3698: Russian Literature: Special Subjects
PG 3801-3987: Ukrainian
PG 3990: Carpatho-Rusyn
PG 4001-5146: Czech
PG 5201-5546: Slovak
PG 5631-5689: Sorbian (Wendic)
PG 6001-7446: Polish
PG 7900-7925: Lechitic dialects
PG 8201-8208: Old Prussian
PG 8501-8772: Lithuanian
PG 8801-9146: Latvian
PG 9501-9665: Albanian

Z 2000-2959: Bibliography: National Bibliography (Europe)
Z 3000-3496: Bibliography: National Bibliography (Asia)

Location of materials by library may vary, so be sure to consult a Stacks Guide.