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Data Science

This Guide is in support of the research and teaching needs of the School of Data Science at UVA

What is in this research guide?

Welcome to the Data Science Research Guide at UVA Library.  This guide is intended to orient you to the many library resources in your field.  Of course we offer books and articles, but we also offer research help.  Questions?  Please reach out to me!  My contact info is on this page - Jenn.

UVA Library 101
  • What you need to know about using UVA Library resources
Find Background Documents
  • Find tools that will help you find, access, and organize articles and books
  • Find academic sources like articles, books, and dissertations
  • Find government documents
  • Find interest group sources
  • Find news and popular media
Getting Help with Research Data
  • Learn more about the data services provided by UVA Library, Health Science Library, Law Library, and Research Computing
Getting Started with Data Science
  • How to get started with Data Science, using (mostly free) data science resources, like blogs and open ebooks.  Special emphasis on math and programming resources.
Getting Started with Data Ethics
  • How to get started with Data Ethics
Local Data Science Meetups and Groups
  • A list of local opportunities to meet other people interested in data science
For Alumni
  • Library resources for alumni

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