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Science, Technology, and Society

A guide for research support for STS classes!

Quick Links

Thesis Portfolios Online

The link above will get you started with the SEAS undergraduate thesis portfolios have been submitted online through Libra, the UVA LIbrary's digital repository, since 2020. The link above will take you to a start search that limits to just those items. 

From there, you can keyword search or use the toolbar on the left-hand side of the page to limit by advisor (under Author) or by Subject.

All Thesis Portfolios

This link will get you started with the results of the Library's entire collection of SEAS undergraduate theses from present back to the 1940s. The 2017-2019 portfolios are available in Brown Library but you can request any thesis you need from Ivy, the Library's off-grounds storage facility. 

To find the print portfolios in Brown, here are some directions:

  • Go into Right Brown (the West Wing of Brown technically) and either take the elevator or stairs (both are on your left as soon as you walk into the Wing) to go down to the Ground floor. (That's the bottom floor btw)
  • At the Ground floor, walk through the first set of shelves/stacks to get to the center aisle. 
  • Take a left and walk towards the windows
  • The brown boxes with the portfolios will be on your right just before the empty shelves. Hopefully, you can’t miss them. 

If you've never requested something from Ivy before this guide will walk you through how to do it. 

Libkey Nomad

You need to add the Libkey Nomad browser extension. Right now. 

It's called Libkey Nomad and it will make getting to the PDFs of materials you find while searching so. much. easier.

Libkey Nomad  is a browser extension that will link you from where you found something to the UVA Library collection. It's awesome, I don't know how I worked without it.

Seriously. Add it and start using it. 


Zotero: helps you save what you find and cite it

We all have trouble figuring out how to keep track of articles, websites, and the other stuff that make up our research. Zotero helps you do that. Once the browser extension is added, you can save anything you find with a click of the Zotero button. It automatically knows if you're saving a website, book on Virgo, or journal article. And if there's a PDF on the page, it will automatically download the PDF for you. 

It will also create citations for you. Which is great because while citing is a vital and necessary part of academic work, it's also terrible and the worst. The citations are not automatically perfect (it depends on how good the citation information provided is) but it only takes seconds to correct to ensure that your APA citation is perfect every. single. time. 

UVA Library's Guide to Zotero