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Nursing - Academic Side Orientation

Orientation to Academic side resources for the School of Nursing PhD students

How do I access articles when I am off grounds?

UVA Library offers a suite of digital resources. All UVA students, faculty, and staff can get access to our digital offerings even when you are not working on Grounds. The bottom line is that you need to authenticate at some point so that publisher websites recognize that you are a UVA affiliate. If you start your search on a library website, it will ask you for your NetBadge.  Using the VPN also works well, but you need to remember to turn it on.  Updating your Google Scholar settings to reflect your affiliation with UVA will also activate NetBadge and direct you to any copies the library may have.

If you are off Grounds and not starting with the library website, you best bet is to use the Libkey Nomad browser extension, described in the next section.  Libkey Nomad makes it easy to get to an article, no matter how you start your search.  If the article is not available through UVA Library or open access, Libkey Nomad will fill out an ILL form for you.

Get Articles using LibKey Nomad

Libkey Nomad is a browser extension that instantly identifies links to articles for full text access (either through the library's holdings or through Open Access sources), and if it can't find a version of the article that is available to you through your library, it will fill out an ILL request for you through the library. It means you can browse the publisher websites directly rather than searching the library website for an article.

Using Libkey Nomad is a bit like taking a librarian with you as you surf the web: it will identify access to articles you browse, and take you to the full text if we have access. If we don't have access, it will fill out an ILL request for you, which you just have to click to submit.

It works in all of the major browsers, including: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Brave, and Vivaldi.

You do not need to be on Grounds, or connected via the VPN to use it, and you don't have to create an account; you'll be prompted to authenticate via Netbadge when needed.

To use Libkey Nomad: 

  1. Download and install the Libkey Nomad browser extension from the Chrome, Firefox or MacOS (for Safari) stores. Note that the installation procedure for Safari is detailed on the MacOS store page. For Chrome or Firefox:
    • You will see a pop up stating that Libkey Nomad can "read and change all your data on the websites you visit." This is allows Libkey Nomad to detect article details on pages you visit, so it can locate them for you in our library holdings, and it also allows it to add download buttons to the webpage. No data about you or your searches is saved!
  2. Select University of Virginia as your organization when prompted to do so, and then close the pop-up window.
  3. You'll see the Libkey Nomad icon on your toolbar:Green tear drop shape
  4. Libkey Nomad is now working. Just browse the literature as you would normally, visiting articles through Google Scholar, Web of Science, PubMed or other library databases, or by visiting the journal website directly. Open access repositories and Unpaywall are also checked, if the article isn't in a UVA-subscribed journal.
  5. When you view an article page you will see one of the following:
    • "Download PDF" will appear if the UVA Library has the article available. Click on the image to access the PDF:
       LibKey Nomad Download PDF University of Virginia
    • "Access Options..." will show if Libkey Nomad can't find a way to access the article for free from UVA-subscribed databases. Clicking on this will take you to a pre-filled ILL request form, and you will need to log in to the ILL system via Netbadge: 
        LibKey Nomad Access Options University of Virginia


Using Libkey Nomad to Access Articles (even from off-Grounds without the VPN)

  1. Locate an article you wish to read. 
  2. Click the Libkey Nomad button on the page.
    Article page with Download PDF button in bottom right of screen
  3. There may be a brief delay, and you may see messaging that says, "To access this document, wait a moment or click here to continue"
    Locating article... access provided by University of Virginia Library
  4. The article will load for you to read. 


How do I keep track of all of this research?

Zotero is a citation manager that helps you organize the many background documents you will use to write your papers.  It makes your life easier when it comes time to cite your sources and construct a bibliography! 

To Do

  • Download the UVA VPN.
  • Set up your Google Scholar settings.
  • Add LibKey Nomad to your browser (Firefox or Chrome).
  • Download Zotero, including Zotero browser extension.