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Nursing - Academic Side Orientation

Orientation to Academic side resources for the School of Nursing PhD students


This guide will help the School of Nursing PhD students learn about the UVA Library's (academic side) services and resources. If you have any questions, reach out to the librarian listed on the page. Part of orientation is hearing the message that librarians really enjoy working with students and it's literally our jobs to work with you.

If something on this guide doesn't make sense, or is confusing, or you need advanced help, REACH OUT!

Getting Help with Research Data

At UVA Library, researchers across disciplines benefit from expert consultation and training in acquiring, collecting, wrangling, analyzing, visualizing, sharing, and preserving research data. Our staff work to advance data science, using data to answer scientific questions, making analysis reproducible, and promoting open data to enable long-term discovery and knowledge.

Self-led Learning for Data Analysis

To Do

  • Take a look at the Research Data Services website and review workshops and StatLab services.