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Nursing - Academic Side Orientation

Orientation to Academic side resources for the School of Nursing PhD students


Academic Articles and Books

Academic article databases are often broken up by discipline.  It helps if you know in advance what academic literature you want to search: education, psychology, sociology, history, global development, etc.  Here are links to the essential databases that will help you find articles in those fields, as well as links to research guides that provide more detail in those areas.  Of course, check out Virgo, UVA Library's catalog, for books.

We have librarians who specialize in all of these areas. If you are having trouble finding resources in these areas, you should reach out to them. You can figure out who to reach out to by going to the Research Guide for that area, and contacting the person listed on the page. (Or reach out to the person listed on this page, and I'll get you connected!)

If you don't see your discipline listed here, check our full listing of Research Guides:

Additionally, Web of Science is good for any science or social science article search. It is very broad in terms of discipline, but also very expansive in its coverage.

Find Books and Dissertations

Education, Psychology, and Sociology

History and Global Development