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Nursing - Academic Side Orientation

Orientation to Academic side resources for the School of Nursing PhD students

Find News and Popular Media

Local, National, and International News Sources:

  • Access World News is great for small, local news sources (such as the Daily Progress). Includes smaller, local international sources.
  • LexisUni and Factiva are both good choices for big, national- and international-level coverage.
  • New York Times and Wall Street Journal are a good choices if you just want to go directly to the online version of the paper (unlike the rest of these online library database).
  • Politico Pro and CQ Researcher are good choices for political coverage and editorials about such topics.

Charlottesville and Virginia Independent News:

These sources are not covered by the news databases listed above. These are independent, non-profit local news sources.  Access World News (listed above) includes local, non-independent news sources, such as the Daily Progress and the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Foreign News: