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Chemical Engineering

This Guide is in support of the research and teaching needs of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UVA

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What is in this research guide?

Find Articles and Meeting Papers
  • Find articles in scholarly and/or peer-reviewed journals
  • Find articles in magazines, newspapers, and trade publications
  • Find papers from conferences and meetings
  • Register for and request articles and papers through Interlibrary Loan
Find Properties and Spectra
  • Find chemical and physical properties of compounds
  • Find specialty properties like spectra and phase diagrams

Find Technical Reports and Standards

  • Find technical reports from government agencies and professional organizations
  • Find standards from organization such as ASTM, ISO, IEEE, and others

Find Patents

  • Search for U.S. patents or international patents
  • Learn about patent classifications
Find Books and Dissertations
  • Search for print books or electronic books (e-books)
  • Find UVA Dissertations and Theses, as well as those from other institutions
  • Register for and request books and dissertations through Interlibrary Loan
Course Related Pages
  • See specific course guides created by instructor request

Guide Creator

STEM Librarian

Whether you are new to UVA or simply new to using the UVA Library, whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member, here are some tips, tricks and resources to be aware of to make your experience easier and more efficient.

Practically Mandatory

Highly Recommended

  • Download and install ChemDraw using your email address to register
  • Manage your citation library and PDFs using bibliographic management software like EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, or others.  (Consult with your research group or contact a librarian for advice.)
  • Register for an ORCID

Optional, but Highly Useful

  • Research Data Services
    • Guidance on data tools and technologies like R, Python, Stata, SPSS, SAS, and more. Contact:
    • Support for data management and data sharing plans, guidance on selecting a data repository, and consulting on the preparation, documentation, organization and formatting of data for sharing and archiving. Contact:
    • Accessing and installing University site-licensed software, including SPSS, SAS, Ansys, Labview, Matlab and others. Contact: