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Education Research PreK-12 Guide

A List of All Databases to Which UVA Subscribes

Databases Focused on PreK-12 Education

Google Scholar (GS) Database

Connecting to Databases from Off-Grounds

If you experience problems connecting to the Library's subscription databases such as PsycInfo, Medline, or Ebsco's education database from off-Grounds, we offer the following troubleshooting tips:

1. Refresh your browser screen and then try.

2. If you are using the Chrome browser, switch to Firefox, IE or Safari.

3. Update your computer's browser to a newer version.

4. Try the link again later as the database may be down.

5. Consider installing and using the VPN UVaAnywhere to authenticate and access the databases.

6. Find out if you are behind a firewall that prevents access to the database. K-12 schools frequently have firewalls.


Interlibrary Loan Services

If none of the UVA libraries have the book you need in print or online, use the Library's free Interlibrary Loan Service request form to request it.

First, you must register for an Interlibrary Loan account.

To register, go to the Interlibrary Loan site, click on the button, FIRST TIME USER and fill out the form. Students and faculty in the Curry Off-Grounds program should register by clicking on the "Distance Education/SCPS link. Other students should register using the "Graduate & Undergraduate student" link.

Next, fill out an Interlibrary Loan request. Library staff will borrow a copy of a book for you. If you just need a chapter from the book, we recommend that you fill out an Interlibrary Loan request for a PDF copy as opposed to asking to borrow the book as that process is faster. 

If students are taking classes on-Grounds and they request a book through interlibrary loan, the library  will be send them an email with instructions for picking up and returning the book. If the student requests a book chapter, it will be emailed to them.

If faculty request a book, LEO staff will deliver it to his or her office. Faculty can return Interlibrary Loan books to any of the UVA Library book bins or library circulation desks located at the main entrance of all UVA Libraries.

If a student is in Curry's off-Grounds program requests a book, the book will be mailed to then without charge. The student can mail back the book using the enclosed prepaid postage stamp the library provides, or he or she can drop it off at one of the UVA Libraries. PDF copies of book chapters will be mailed to the off-Grounds student. The due date for the book is included in the mailing envelop. Note that off-Grounds students use interlibrary loan to get books in the UVA book collection as well as books the UVA Library does not have in its collection.