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M.S. in Global Commerce


  • ABYZ News Links  A directory of links to online news sources from around the world. It is organized on a geographical basis. It contains links to newspapers and other sites with news content such as broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies.

Other related resources

  • BizNar  Deep web search portal focused on business issues.
  • BrowZine Web  Provides immediate access to thousands of top scholarly journals in a visually immersive browsing environment.  Subjects include Business and Economics; Engineering and Technology; and Biological Sciences.
  • EDGAR Company Search (SEC)  The Edgar Archive of Corporate filings with the SEC. The 10-K reports are most extensive. 
  • Eldis  Eldis is an online information service providing free access to relevant, up-to-date and diverse research on international development issues. It includes over 30,000 summaries and links to free full-text research and policy documents from over 8,000 publishers. 
  • eMarketer Retail Index  Current data about US retailers and restaurants, sortable by Earnings, Margins, Revenues & Sales, Store Productivity, Same-Store Sales, Real Estate, Employment, Advertising, Digital and Credit Ratings.  Can sort by sectors, and combine them.
  • EveryCRSReport   Congressional Research Service reports (Congress's think tank) provide valuable insight and non-partisan analysis of issues of public debate.  
  • FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)  A database of over 3000 U.S. economic time series. With FRED® you can download data in Microsoft Excel and text formats and view charts of data series.  
  • GIGA  German Institute of Global and Area Studies is an independent research institute based in Hamburg that does research on politics, economy and society in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East as well as on global issues. They provide the Focus series of research and analysis reports, access to 4 peer-reviewed journals, and many other resources. Their library provides access to the online catalog (OPAC) which includes the World Affairs Online database, the largest social sciences bibliographic database in Europe.
  • Historical Business Data  ​This historical collection contains establishment-level data for more than 24 million businesses, including the business name, location, industry classification code, number of employees, and sales volume. Each establishment has a unique identifier to make year over year comparisons easier. Records have also been geocoded for use with GIS software. We currently have files for 1997-2014. 
  • Livingston Survey  It summarizes the forecasts of economists from industry, government, banking, and academia. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia took responsibility for the survey in 1990, although the data began to be collected in 1946.