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Poly Studio Help Documentation

Instructions for using Library Poly systems in group study, conference, or class rooms.

Projecting a Mac laptop onto a screen wirelessly in a group study, conference, or class room

Mac Wireless Projection

  1. On the room's touch panel select Content Touch panel with Content icon highlighted
  2. On your Mac, click Control Center in the menu bar, then click the Screen Mirroring icon
  3. Select the wall monitor from the AirPlay device list (probably named Room 318A or some such)
  4. A four digit PIN will appear on the wall monitor.  Enter the four digit PIN on your Mac.
  5. Your laptop screen will appear on the wall monitor
  6. When you are ready to leave the room, on the touch panel, touch the white tab at the bottom center of the screen.  Touch the End Session button on the bottom right corner or your screen will continue to mirror after you depart.
    Poly Touch panel End Session button highlighted